Looper Movie Review

Time travel fries your brain, and Looper understands this. It doesn’t shove its premise down your throat. Instead, it spoon-feeds it to you like a sweet old grandmother would give you medicine. Looper is about Joe, a guy who is a Looper. Criminals of the future get transported back in time 30 years to a Looper, who kills the person. When Joe gets an older version of himself transported back to him, our conflict begins.

The two key points of Looper are the concept and acting.

The plot is filled with lore, and that’s what makes it feel sure of itself. Joseph Gordon Levitt’s narrative tells you how this Looper system works, and he lets you know what’s going on. His narrative drove the story and its concept home. Just like Inception wasn’t afraid to feature totems, its own piece of lore, Looper has the blunderbuss, a smart addition to the story. There are more pieces of rules and lore in this universe, but I don’t want to ruin them for you. What I am trying to convey is that the concept was well executed. I bought into this world. Even though the plot was quite simple and straight-forward, the concept and catches that come with it spice up the story.

The film doesn’t struggle to explain everything. Instead, it explains only what it needs to, so there isn’t a point where things are being explained for 20 minutes. What didn’t work with this concept, however, is the consistency of the alternate timelines. During the beginning of the movie, 2 outcomes were shown for Joe’s actions. If he did this, this would have happened. If he did this, that would have happened. That was a really cool concept. But they dropped it halfway through the film, and though they brought it back in the end, if I remember correctly, it weakened the film. I really liked that idea of alternate timelines. Because they stopped it when the movie started to get meaty, it began to feel like a generic action movie. A great generic action movie, granted, but the time travel seemed to be forgotten for a while.

As for the characters, Joseph Gordon-Levitt played a young Bruce Willis really well. I enjoyed seeing Levitt do some Willis expressions. The make-up artists for this film should be praised. They really made Levitt look like a young Bruce Willis.

JGL was great as always. He owned this character, and he did an outstanding job in the main role. The kid in the movie also did a great job. He was one of the best child actors I have seen since Super 8. Bruce was as good as he could have been, pulling off his role as an angry badass pretty well. Everyone did a great job to be honest, and the performances solidified this world even better.

Over all, Looper is a T-Bone. I really enjoyed it, and the concept was absorbing and slick, but the whole alternate timeline thing was dropped half-way through the film, and I really liked that concept. If they were consistent with that, this would likely be a Filet, but the idea wasn’t applied enough. If you are looking for a fresh new Sci-Fi film, Looper is one you should see in the theaters.

Have you seen Looper? Do you want to? Let me know in the comment below. Thanks for reading!



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