Call of Duty Elite is FREE!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, get pumped. Call of Duty Elite for Black Ops 2 is free. In Modern Warfare 3, people had to pay 50 bucks to get the Premium Stat services, game tracking, etc. Now, Treyarch is offering the service for free. DLC will not be free, of course, but nobody will receive it earlier because of Elite.

Infinity Ward must be kicking themselves in the butts right now. Treyarch is now easily more likable. They look like the sweet Arab grandmother who is, unknown to your parents, slipping you money, whereas Infinity Ward looks like the greedy vendor who is selling dogs for 12 dollars. I am glad that Treyarch has made Elite free. They are trying to make up for Infinity Ward’s mistakes, as they have taken a lot of feedback from the COD community and applied it. This is what is so great about Treyarch. They listen to the community and actually act according to the feedback.

Here is the official Call of Duty Elite launch trailer. Notice how they are very humble about it being free, and not even emphasizing the word.

Well that’s some positive news that I hope you enjoyed reading here at Gamerscene! Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave your comments below.



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