Argo Movie Review

They should have medics waiting in theaters where Argo is being shown. Heart attacks resulting from extreme suspense and tension are very possible. Throughout the film I was worried for my safety, as my heart rate was flying through the roof. Today, I will be reviewing Argo.

Six Americans are stuck in Iran after a revolution breaks out. All Americans in the country are likely to be killed. The CIA has to get the Americans out before it’s too late. And the incredible thing is that this is a true story. This really happened.

The three key points to this film are acting, directing, and suspense. The acting in this film is spectacular. Argo is full of top of the line acting. Funny characters were funny, heroic characters were heroic, and what was great is that all of these characters are realistic. There are no extreme personalities. The funny characters aren’t all jokey. They can be humane and understanding. The heroic characters aren’t action heroes. They think things through before they do them. To add to the realism, these actors were all given the proper dress of the time, and I so was completely convinced that this happened in the 80’s. I nearly forgot that I was watching a movie. The setting and replication of the 80’s and this hostage situation were so authentic and so well presented that it really FELT like it was the 80’s. The acting mixed with the outfits and the settings made this film feel extremely realistic.

Ben Affleck directed this movie very well. You can tell that Affleck was very connected to the story and very committed to the movie. His last movie that he directed, The Town, also had a sense of commitment. In the Town, however, Affleck was the center of the movie. Though his character is the main character in Argo, it focuses more on the world and the situation than his own character. I really liked that it was about what happened rather than this one character. Affleck really did a great job in telling a story. The fact that he decided to switch back and forth from Iran and the US added structure to the film as well. One creative choice that I really liked on his part was the fact that when intense arguments and decision points were being made in Farsi, there were no subtitles being shown. You didn’t know what these Iranians were saying. You felt a strong sense of chaos and tension. Of course, subtitles are given at appropriate times, but not in every scene. That was a smart move on Affleck’s part.

This leads us to talk about the final point: the¬†suspense. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this review, this movie was insanely thrilling. The opening scene made me feel the chaos of the situation, and I literally felt my heart beat faster. Even though only a couple of gunshots are fired throughout the film, I was on edge. Affleck proves that a movie doesn’t need action scenes and explosions to be great.


When I go see a movie, I usually go with my dad. At some point in nearly every film we see, the popcorn bucket gets emptied. I am the one who gets up to refill it. I get up to refill it because that’s just how it has always been. It’s kind of like an unspoken rule. When the bucket was empty, my dad looked at me and pointed to the bucket. I leaned over to him and simply said, “No.” I was too absorbed, and glued to my seat. Of course, five minutes later, I got up and speed-walked out of the theater to get a refill, because my dad is awesome, (and because we were planning on going to Chic Fil A after the movie), but my point is, this movie delivered thrills, and I was so invested in it that I didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

Over all, Argo was a Filet Mignon, not KFC. For all those who have already seen Argo, you’ll understand. If you haven’t seen this film yet, get out of your house! Go see this film! This may just be the best non-superhero movie of the year. This movie had me with its first scene, and held my attention and interest until after the credits. Yes, even the credits of this film had me stop and stare. What a great film. Go see it, ladies and gentlemen. I enjoyed it so much that I had to become a part of it.



3 comments on “Argo Movie Review

  1. Excellent movie. Finally. (Despite the Hollywood ending with chase) Found it particularly interesting in relation to our foreign policy, which arguably caused the entire crisis.

    • Like I said, the whole situation was out of my knowledge before this film, but I am sure that whoever decided to put this movie in theaters now, when foreign policy is being discussed everywhere, was a smart guy. Foreign policy and the conflicts in the Middle East are big issues today, and now is the time when everybody is hearing about them.

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