Women Wednesday #6: The 5 Languages of Love- Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, we are BACK with another Women Wednesday. Last week we talked about the first 3 Languages of Love. You can check that post out right here. This week, we will go over the last two Languages. They are Service and Touch.

Let’s start with Service. You are at a restaurant. The Filet you order is cooked to perfection. Every bite tastes like heaven. But the steak was given to you without any silverware, the waiter didn’t seem to care about you, and the lighting is very dim. You don’t feel loved because the service is terrible. The overall product might be nice, but the waiter and restaurant did not show that they care about you. The same is true with relationships. If your girl speaks the Language of Service, she feels most loved when you help her. By getting off of the couch and doing something for your girl, she will see you as somebody who cares. She feels most loved when you put aside your wants and desires to simply do something for her. Cooking her a meal, fixing what she needs to get fixed, and doing little things for her makes her feel special.

But you need to understand that you can’t carry her on your back and act as her slave. Be kind, offer some service, but don’t chew her food for her. She could eventually see you as her personal lapdog. That is obviously not a good thing. So if your girl or the girl you have your eye on is one who speaks the language of Service, know that you have to show her that you care by doing things for her.

Now onto the fifth and final Language: Touch. If your girl speaks the Language of Touch, she feels most loved when you two are physically in contact. A girl who speaks the Language of Touch is like a chef who loves to touch her meat. As she prepares it, she doesn’t just throw it on the grill. She makes sure that the dry rub is well distributed on the steak, and that it feels correct. She is very physical with her steaks. Hugs, holding hands, pokes, and physical contact makes a Touch girl feel most loved. Speaking this Language is not difficult at all. It’s almost like speaking old English. We already know English, and old English is basically the same thing, except for a few different words and grammatical rules. ‘Hark thy tomato sauce!’ and ‘That’s some great tomato sauce!’ is the same thing. So if your girl is one who feels most loved when she is Touched, then you must speak the Language of Touch as well.

Guys, you need to be very careful about this. Don’t get reckless. Have respect for your girl and make good decisions. You can’t have a good relationship in jail, after all.

bail, flexible payment plans, bond

So that’s all for this week! These are the 5 Languages of Love. It is important for you to identify what Language your girl speaks because you have to be able to meet her needs. If she is speaking Spanish and you are speaking German, things don’t work. Hopefully this helped!


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