5 Shocking Things I’d Bet You Didn’t Know About Inception

Forget Think a Bit Thursday. This post was too important to me for me to let it stay in my draft box for another day. THIS is a post that, I believe, will blow your mind. Why? Well, it blows my mind. I thought I knew everything about Inception…I was wrong. Inception was a piece of film making history. To this day, it remains my favorite movie. But there are some things about it that I am nearly 100% positive that you didn’t know. Prepare to have your mind blown even further. Here we go.

Number 5: “Non, je ne regrette rien” Has More Significance Than You May Think

What is this cryptic phrase? “Non, je ne regrette rien” is the song that Inception revolves around. It is the song that is played before the kick is initiated. Here it is in case you have forgotten what it sounds like.

Now, we all know that Inception contains many “BWAHH’s.” These “BWAHH’s” are the trumpets from this song slowed down. Take a listen.

That’s not all. The official length of “Non, je ne regrette rien” is 2 minutes and 28 seconds. Inception totals 2 hours and 28 minutes. But why this random song? Why does it hold so much importance? Take a look at the translation of the lyrics.

“I regret nothing/no, I have no regrets/I regret neither the good things that were done to me nor the bad things/They are all the same to me/…The past is payed, swept away, forgotten/I don’t care of the past anymore/I set my memories on fire/My agonies, and my pleasures/I don’t need them any more/Swept away in the agonies of love/Swept away forever, I’m restarting with nothing…”

See the connection to Inception and its concept? Clearly, there about this film that revolves around this song. Impressed? You haven’t seen anything yet.

Number 4. There is a Hidden Code in the Inception Score

The sixth track in the Inception soundtrack is titled: 528491. These are the numbers that are used in the movie to open the safe. They are also the hotel room numbers in the film. But that’s obvious. What is not so obvious is this: If you take the numbers from the track title and put them in numeric order, (124589), Number 1 representing the title of track on, and so on, they make the phrase: Half Remembered Dream: We Build Our Own World. Radical Notion. Old Souls, One Simple Idea: Dream Within a Dream.

Let’s fix that phrase up a bit: Half remembered dream: We build our own world: radical notion. Old souls, one simple idea: Dream within a dream.

When Mal wakes up, she remembers the world that she helped build, but she insists that reality is a dream and that dream is a reality. She half remembers it. Dom and Mal build their own world in limbo. The fact that they embraced limbo is a radical notion. The couple grew old together. The one simple idea is the dream within a dream. Inception.

But that’s not all. I still have more.

Number 3: The Maze Ariadne Draws is Not Her Own Design

Remember when Cobb asks Ariadne to draw a maze? She struggles at first, but then she draws this:

What that really is is the maze from the story of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth in Greek Mythology. Ariadne is the name of the king’s daughter, who was deeply in love with Theseus, who had volunteered to slay the Minotaur. She gave him a ball of thread before he entered the maze. This is the same maze as the one Ariadne from Inception creates.

Clearly, Ariadne was not named Ariadne for no reason. In fact, most of the names in Inception have significance.

If you take the names of the main characters and put the first letters together, you get the word: DREAMS

Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal, Saito

Number 2: The Top Cobb Uses as his Totem Isn’t His

This is the official dialogue between Cobb and Ariadne after she has made her totem. Read carefully.

ARIADNE: Are you going under on your own?

COBB: No, I was just running some experiments. I didn’t realize anyone was here.

ARIADNE: Yeah, I was just – I was working on my totem, actually.

COBB: Here, let me take a look.

Ariadne shakes her head.

COBB: So you’re learning.

ARIADNE: An elegant solution for keeping track of reality. Was it your idea?

COBB: No, it was… it was Mal’s, actually.

Cobb takes out Mal’s top.

COBB: This… this one was her’s. She would spin it in a dream and it would never topple. Just, uh, spin and spin.

ARIADNE: Arthur told me she passed away.

COBB: How are the mazes coming along?

Cobb says that the top isn’t his. Earlier in the film, he explains to Ariadne that your totem must be something unique to the maker. It cannot be tampered with or touched by anyone else. That is why Ariadne recoils and refuses to give Cobb the chess piece. Totems can only work for the maker. Yes, Cobb was close to Mal, and has come to know the top well, but his totem can’t accurately tell if he is in a dream or not. Cobb breaks rules. We know because his wife is imprisoned in his subconscious. But he isn’t always right in doing so. We have seen what Mal does. It is a bad result of his breaking of the rules. Because of this reason, the totem may be a false measure of reality. Nobody else is seen using their totem in Dom’s dream. We only see his top as a measure of reality.

If this is true, it is very likely that Inception is all a dream. But a hunch about the top cannot be enough to prove it. This may solidify my point. This is the chase scene from the movie, in Mombasa. Towards the end of the chase, it seems like enemies are just randomly spawning, like projections from a dream.

Number 1: These Two Posters are Too Similar For Me to Dismiss

Take a look at this picture. On the left, we see a poster for Inception. On the right, we see a poster for the Dark Knight.

Look at how the buildings line the left and the right of the posters in extremely similar ways. Take note of how both Dom’s and the Joker’s head is looking to the right in the same kind of way. The fact that these two posters are so similar is chilling. Yes, Christopher Nolan directed both films, and so it would make sense that the posters would be similar, but THIS similar? I found this very interesting. Maybe you know what’s up with these posters.

Thank you so much for sticking around and reading. I know that anything involving Inception is mind-boggling. Please leave a comment below with your opinions, thoughts, or questions. Thanks again for reading!



14 comments on “5 Shocking Things I’d Bet You Didn’t Know About Inception

    • Same here. Without exaggeration. I have seen this movie ten times, give or take a couple. You would think that the movie would be stale by now, but you are constantly speculating and picking up on new things every time.

    • Your second statement is true, but the ring cannot be his totem. A totem is something you’re supposed to have with you at all times, in the reality and in the dream. A certain property makes that object a totem. The ring is an object in his dreams, though we don’t see it in reality, therefore it cannot be a totem.
      If it was his totem, why does he spin the top? For fun? Nah. It also states on the Inception Wiki that the ring is a dream based object, and therefore cannot be a totem, as totems need to be present both in reality and the dream-world.

  1. hiiiiii I am also being fan of Inception. and Chris Nolan since a year. I am from India. and you really know too much about Inception. and yes everytime we watch inception we know newer things

  2. and an year ago I’d started doing meditation right the days when I’d started watching inception. I dreamt a lot in those nights. dreamt of my favorite DJ too. deadmau5. 😀 it was all childish but. I enjoyed. have been reading how brain works. how meditation works which helped me to understand Inception very well. I would like to discuss things about Inception. eagerly waiting for Interstellar

    • I agree. The “I need to protect my investments” line seems a little too convenient. My understanding of Inception has changed considerably, however, interpretation-wise, as in if it’s a dream or not. It’s definitely a movie that gets you thinking.

      • Except that Arthur should have been long gone as the first kick from the van on level 1 would have pulled him out of level 2, leaving everyone stranded in level 3 or limbo.

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