I Want You to Rage: YOUR Rage Page

I have been raging for about a year now. As I type this, I have done 31 Rage Segments. It almost isn’t fair. I have been having all of the fun around here. I want to change that. So here’s the deal. I want your Rage Segments. I want all of you, the People of Gamerscene, to rage. Type up a rage segment and email it to me at ddog35@gmail.com. I will compile your Rage Segments and create a page for Rage Segments that were made by all of you guys and girls. For the ones that catch my eye, I will feature them on the home page.

What’s in it for you? Well, if you have a blog, you can advertise it somewhere in the Rage Segment. Links, a description about what your blog is, and things of that nature can all be included. As long as your rage is focused on the raging aspect, I have no problem with you doing some advertising on the Rage Segments. But, in my eyes, the ultimate gain in doing this is having your voice be heard. Putting you rants in writing form and sending them to me to be displayed will relieve a ton of stress, trust me.

So if you are interested, send in some Rage Segments to me. You can submit more than once. If I get, let’s say, five Rage Segments this week, I will make Viewer Rage Segments a normal and regular part of Gamerscene, and launch the page. If it launches, you can send in your Rages at any given time. No deadline, no limit. If you are interested in sharing your Rage through Gamerscene, here are a few guidelines to follow while raging:

  • Keep it clean 🙂 You aren’t limited to 5th grade level words of aggression, but let’s keep it somewhat classy. Take a look at My Rage Page to get an idea of what I consider decent.
  • Keep it relatable. If you are going to Rage about how your favorite underground rapper Nickel 7G$’s has become a sellout, I probably won’t post it to the Viewer Rage Page. It’s got to be something that most people can relate to.
  • Have fun! Don’t worry about length or grammatical correctness. Have fun! Do your thing! Rage!

Remember that nearly anything goes. I have raged about a wide variety of things, from Benadryl to Dog Owners.

I hope we can give this page some CPR and bring it to life. So type your Rage Segments and send them to me at ddog35@gmail.com. You guys are the best! Stay awesome!



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