Paranormal Activity Marathon

Halloween went smoothly this year. I am surprised that I didn’t see that many Slendermen, however, or PSY’s. Nonetheless, I have an idea. Halloween got me in the mood to watch the Paranormal Activity series. I saw the first one a year or two back, but I want to simply sit down and watch all of them through, giving one big super review. It would contain all four movie reviewed separately. I want to push aside all comments from haters and extremists and give the films a chance. The only problem is finding somebody to watch these movies with. I feel that films like these are more enjoyable when you watch them with someone. Don’t fret, however. I will find someone.

So have you seen any Paranormal movies? Which in the series is your favorite, if any? Thanks for reading! I’ll let you know via Twitter and Facebook when I have seen all four.



3 comments on “Paranormal Activity Marathon

  1. I’ve heard mixed reviews on all of them, but in general I think people enjoy the franchise. You won’t catch me watching them though! Hope you have fun and I’m looking forward to seeing what you think about them even if I refuse to watch them, haha.

    • When it comes to horror movies, more people nowadays want to conquer them rather than enjoy them. So they deem it as ‘not scary’ because they could stomach it and overlook the actual movie, giving it a bad rating unfairly. This is what I will avoid!

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