Movie Monday: Star Wars is Back

Ladies and gentlemen, Star Wars is back. Disney has bought Lucasfilm for 4.05 billion dollars. If you haven’t heard already, more Star Wars movies are being going to be made. Star Wars: Episode VII will be coming out in 2015, and will be based on original material, not any TV shows or comics. 2015 is the same year in which the Avengers 2 is being released, as well as Justice League. Disney now owns Indiana Jones as well, being that it is part of Lucasfilm. No plans for Indiana Jones have been made so far, however.

Many of you likely grew up with Star Wars. This is a monumental film franchise returning, but with modern effects and film-making methods. This is a huge milestone in movie-making. Many may be concerned with Disney taking hold of Star Wars, but keep in mind that Disney made the Avengers. So are you excited? Are you skeptical? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!



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