Call of Duty Decoded

With Black Ops 2 coming out soon, now is the perfect time to talk about Call of Duty. Today, I want to talk about something really interesting. A while back, a hidden code was discovered in Black Ops. Despite this grand finding, not many people know about it. Allow me to explain.

When you start a level in Black Ops, you get Intel at the bottom left corner of your screen. It provides the location, who you are playing as, etc. But in Black Ops, there was something  more to this Intel. The first line reads: Transmission# 15-18. Designate: X-RAY.

In every campaign mission, a Transmission number and Designate code is provided.

For those who don’t know, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and so on are letters in the army alphabet. Just like we spell out addresses to people over the phone and say, “D as in dog, A as in Andrew, etc, the military uses these words instead of letters so they could avoid miscommunication. This means that if we were to take the first letter of every Designate and put it together, it will be a slur of letters. But when you put these Designates in order starting from this level, the first, you actually get a phrase. It reads, “XREZNOVDXISDXEAD.” Take out the DX’s and you gets: REZNOV IS DEAD. That’s not all.

If you take the transmission numbers and correlate them to letters in the alphabet so that A equals 1, B equals 2, etc, you get the phrase: ORISHEDEADTHEREWASWHONOBODYISWHONOTHESAYSHE. This is in order from the first mission to the last. Simply spaced out, not rearranged, this slur of letters reads:

Or is he dead. There was who no body. Is who not he says he.

So the first part makes sense: Or is he dead. The next part, there was who no body, can be interpreted 2 ways. Either is is supposed to be a question: There was who? Nobody. Or it is supposed to be a statement which makes more sense without the who: There was no body. The last part sounds like complete gibberish unless you unscramble the words: He is not who he says. 

For anyone who has played the Black Ops campaign, you know that these letters and numbers make sense. This is no coincidence. Maybe this transmission will tie into Black Ops 2. We’ll have to wait and see. Leave your thoughts below in the comments and tell me what you think. As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to check back for another Call of Duty post tomorrow.



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