Most Hated Guns in COD History

Hello everyone! It’s Day 3 of 7 of the Call of Duty marathon. Not too interested in Call of Duty? My next three posts will give you some insight into the COD franchise, and you may end up enjoying it. If not, I completely understand. Don’t worry, next week will be back to normal.

Because most COD players are squeaky-voiced preteens, there is no shortage of hate towards the game. I’m going to take a look at the most hated guns in COD history. These weapons are not in any particular order, just simply listed as they come to my head.

Dual FMG9’s

Deemed the “Troll Guns” by the Call of Duty community. Its high rate of fire and explosive ability to kill at close range make them sure Rage producers.


Associated with the word “try-hard.” Everyone who wants to do well at the game and gets kills with the ACR is hated because the COD community is a group of immature children. This gun’s laser accuracy makes it a very easy-to-use gun, and it is very effective.


This gun’s stopping power made it a hated gun in MW2. Even in Black Ops, the gun was despised.

UMP 45

This gun was an absolute tank. It rained terror no matter who wielded it. People who slayed with this gun were hated, and so the UMP45 was held forever in a bad spot in most MW2 players’ minds.


I love this gun, mainly because when I get kills with it, I hear little children rage in my headset. Apparently single-shot guns aren’t allowed to kill unless it takes 10 or more shots.


This gun had the range of a sniper. I personally love to use this, but I found it frustrating when I was killed by this stopping machine.


What was the point of this crap being in Black Ops? I might as well have thrown rocks at the enemy.


This fully-auto shotgun caused high blood pressured to all players during MW2. I can understand why.

China Lake

This gun seemed to cock in slow-motion. I don’t recall getting a kill with it…ever. That includes in Zombies mode.


These guns were from the Wild West and they were the most powerful in MW2. How does that work?

This is just a very small list of the most hated guns in COD. Which gun boils your blood when you play COD? Let me know in the comments below. The best COD posts are still to come. Thanks for reading!



3 comments on “Most Hated Guns in COD History

  1. Interesting list, I know some are hated for being too good and some for being too shitty to ever be used but I’d have to say my personally “most useless gun” award would have to go to any dual-wield revolver that has ever appeared in the series. Although I’ve got to say, I miss the ranger quite a bit from MW2, that plus extreme conditioning and I was unstoppable!

    • It was an absolute tank, no doubt about it. I personally loved using the Rangers, but many people frown upon it. That’s why I put it on this list. And I haven’t found a sidearm that works well dual wielded. The Deagles never did it for me.

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