Infinity Ward vs. Treyarch: Round 3: MW3 vs. Black Ops 2

The time has come for MW3 and Black Ops 2 to face off.  We will be comparing these games’ campaigns, multiplayer, and innovations. BUT DDOG! BLACK OPS 2 ISN’T OUT YET! Yes, but we can speculate. Don’t worry. I’ve got your backs.


Let’s begin with Modern Warfare 3. Characters from the Infinity Ward franchise are back, with Makarov is equivalent to Osama bin Laden. World War III has begun. Things are pretty bad. This campaign feels so grand because the world is in turmoil. You don’t just hear about it, you play it. You play in various locations, such as the UK, New York, and Africa. The constant change in perspective and setting keeps the campaign fresh.

You go all over the world in this campaign, and you play as many different characters. The major addition to the game was Yuri, the Russian who was once an ally to Makarov. He was a great character addition to the campaign, as it added an extra layer of story. This campaign features a controversial scene, just as MW2 did. The scene is of a little girl getting blown up while on vacation in the UK.

Once again, Infinity Ward handles this part in the campaign responsibly by displaying an option to skip the cut scene while reassuring the player that it will not effect their experience or completion. There are plenty of cinematic moments in the campaign, however. MW3 actually attempts to take twists and turns, which builds some kind of conflict. Over all, the MW3 campaign is a great one, and it happens on a very grand scale.

Now onto the multiplayer. MW3’s multiplayer offered a new arsenal of guns, fresh selection of maps, and variety of customization. There are a few maps in this game that are really great. The rest aren’t bad, but they aren’t very dynamic or interesting. A gloomy vibe of the multiplayer seemed to suspend the game like a cloud.

Still, the multiplayer is as fun and entertaining as ever. Strike packages spice up the gameplay, and they tailor to all play types. The support strike is a stroke of genius on Infinity Ward’s part. It helps lower-skilled players to still feel like they are helping out their team. The game is over all balanced, and fast paced action is ongoing. There have been no game-breaking glitches that haven’t been patched, and the game has been well-maintained. The multiplayer was over all well executed and well maintained.

Modern Warfare 3 had two major innovations. First off, Face-Off maps. These small maps put small teams against each other while stimulating and forcing fast-paced action. I had such a great time on Face-Off maps. They were in interesting settings, they were filled with creative mechanics, and they were a great empty canvas for Infinity Ward to paint on.   Unfortunately, most of the Face-Off maps were released via DLC. In other words, people had to pay for them. Face-Off cannot be a game mode that sticks with the Call of Duty franchise unless it is already integrated into the game and does not require an extra fee.

The second big innovation that MW3 made was Survival mode. Many argue that it is simply a rip-off of Zombies, but I feel differently. I have spent hours and hours playing Survival mode with friends and family. People can complain and bicker all they want, but I am fully convinced that Survival is a great mode. It is composed of strategy, teamwork, and structure. My only complaint is the limitation to one perk at a time. Other than that, however, it is a great mode that I hope will return to Call of Duty some time in the future.

And now let’s move onto Black Ops II. I will be talking about what Treyarch is offering, and we can expect. Like I said before, this is only speculation. Let’s talk about campaign.

Black Ops II is being said to have a more extensive campaign. Treyarch has said that there will be various points in the story that effect the outcome of the campaign. For example, if you fail to complete a mission fast enough at one point, it will alter the course of events that are in the campaign. This won’t be the case for every mission, but there are supposed to be decision points where completion and fulfilling objectives do matter.

Usually, the COD campaign is very linear, and a change from what we are used to is a fresh change. Plus, it seems like a lot more machines and vehicles are going to be used. This could be a curse or a blessing. I personally love gun on gun action, but when I am stuffed into a vehicle, reining terror doesn’t feel as authentic. But it seems like these vehicles are going to be very futuristic, and not the same as a typical chopper gunner.

Lastly, a time jumping method of story telling is going to be used, and so it is very likely that we will see some familiar characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Reznov somewhere in the campaign. Let’s move onto the multiplayer.

Black Ops is going to offer what is called the “pick-ten” system. Every player will start with ten points. With these ten points, they can choose what in their class they want to equip. For example, if you don’t want any perks, you can put most of your points to your weapons. If you want to only roll with a knife, you could use most of your points on perks.

This is the main new feature of the multiplayer. Let’s not forget about the X-Ray scopes, detachable sniper scopes, fresh killstreaks, and much more. To talk about all of the additions to multiplayer would be misleading, however. Black Ops’ main problem was that it had great, intuitive ideas,  but they weren’t executed very well. With Black Ops 2, however, it looks like that problem should be fixed. We”ll have to wait and see.

But we can’t get off of the multiplayer topic without talking about the maps. From the gameplay and pictures that have been released, the maps look more polished than in any other Call of Duty game. There seems to be less grit and rough textures and more smooth and polished surfaces. This can make the game more enjoyable for everyone, as it is more visually appealing. For example, Fallen from MW3 was a great map, but looked too grassy and gritty. It appeared uninteresting.

These maps, however, look much more authentic and visually appealing.

Over all, I think that this multiplayer will be very balanced and fast-paced. The guns look great and updated, and I think that this Black Ops game will have a great multiplayer life-span.

Lastly, the innovations. We’ll have to wait to see if the “pick-ten” system actually works well, and so the most solid innovation in this game will be the Zombies. Treyarch has big plans this time around for the undead, and they never fail to make a great Zombies map. They are going to be expanding on the Zombies universe and emphasizing it, placing it in the multiplayer engine and stepping up their game. Many game-mode will be available to play. I forsee great things in Zombies’ future.

So let’s determine who I will choose as the winner of this Round. Keep in mind that my vote counts as one vote just as yours does. Be sure to vote for which you feel is the better game at the end of this post.

Let’s evaluate the campaign. MW3 did a great job, and I don’t know how Infinity Ward can top their performance in their next title. But with Black Ops 2, it looks like it will be very story-driven. Time-jumping can provide for more diverse gameplay and character development. But MW3 had some really big moments that I still remember to this day. I can’t call this one. They are tied for the campaign.

As for the multiplayer, Infinity Ward did a great job with MW3. They made sure that it was mostly balanced, but there weren’t many dynamic weapons or tools available. The killstreaks felt under powered to me as well. The maps, despite playing well, were very gloomy. As for Black Ops, it seems like a whole new system is coming into play, and the maps seem more visually appearing. I am not forgetting MW3’s Strike Package innovation, but Black Ops seems to be taking a similar concept of killstreaks and applying that to the game. Strike Packages weren’t game-defining enough for me to give this to MW3. Black Ops 2 takes this category.

Lastly, the innovation. Survival Mode is awesome. I love it, and have a blast on it. But with the upcoming Zombies, I feel like I can have even more fun. I love Zombies, and being able to play them with more than 2 people will be a nice change from Survival. Black Ops 2 takes the win.

Victory in this Round goes to Black Ops 2.

That’s one vote from me. Now it’s your vote. Which game do you feel will turn out to be better?

Thanks for voting! Make sure you vote on the previous COD posts as well! Thanks for reading. Results will be up on the day of the release of Black Ops 2!



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