Black Ops 2: The Make or Break Game of the Call of Duty Franchise

Black Ops 2 is, without a doubt, the most important Call of Duty game that will ever be created. Right now, Call of Duty is resting on a cliff. The cliff can explode from beneath the Call of Duty franchise and send it plummeting into the abyss below. Black Ops 2 can either add a strong support to the eroding cliff or weather it even further. Why is Black Ops 2 so crucial in Call of Duty’s lifespan? Allow me to explain.

It is a proven fact that the euphoria caused by the first time you experience something that causes pleasure cannot be replicated unless you intake more of that pleasure-creating substance. For example, you will never enjoy that burger as much as you did the first time if you consume it regularly. The brain becomes desensitized to the pleasure that the burger creates after it has it experienced it once. It builds a tolerance. In order to make that burger taste as good as it did the first time you bit into it, you need more of the burger to be satisfied. In order to recreate that first high, you must increase your intake of the source of the euphoria stimulation.

Sound familiar? This is how drugs and alcohol work. Your first high or first time being intoxicated will never be as extreme any time after unless you intake more drugs or alcohol. This is how addiction works. Of course, I am not speaking from personal experience, as I haven’t touched drugs or alcohol. But I am trying to illustrate that Call of Duty is a euphoria-creator.

8 Call of Duty games have been released, (including the upcoming Black Ops 2,) 5 of which have been very popular. That’s 5 years of Call of Duty. Every year, people stop playing the game earlier and earlier. People who play the game are losing interest quicker and quicker each year. Eventually, people won’t be interested at all. The only way for Call of Duty to rebound from this crisis is to add a larger quantity of the euphoria-creator. Let’s face it: all of the Call of Duty games are quite similar. We need a completely different experience in a Call of Duty game soon, or else it will be nearly impossible to recreate the emotional high of pleasure stimulation when playing the game.

We are criticizing the game and hating it because we need more. We need something new. We are growing restless with the same amount of burger, when really we should have 5 times the amount than what we are being served. 5 years ago, a small burger was enough. But now, we need an extra large burger to replicate the high of the first small burger: COD 4. Black Ops 2 has to match that, or it will be all downhill for the COD franchise. Make sense?

Black Ops 2 has to make some big innovations in order for Call of Duty fans to stay interested. Call of Duty games will continue being made for a long time, there’s no doubt about that. Cash=the desire for more cash, after all. But the franchise cannot survive and carry on pleasing audiences unless Black Ops 2 steps up the game. MW2 created a lot of anger, and Black Ops’ lackluster performance didn’t recover from the MW2 crisis very well. MW3 got stale very quickly. And now Black Ops 2 is on its way. It can drive COD back into the hole of hate even further, or it can be the revival of the franchise. We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think? Do you see Black Ops 2 as being as important as I do? Do you think it will revive the franchise or destroy it? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!



2 comments on “Black Ops 2: The Make or Break Game of the Call of Duty Franchise

  1. I’m on the fence, 3 arc put alot of new things in, no kill steraks, no last stand, and ghost only works if your moving with some new guns, but after seeing the actual game it looks very much the same. Good bye cod……

    • I actually just played a couple of rounds online as well as a couple of campaign missions and I must say…I’m really liking it, and it feels very different from the COD games of the past. But we’ll have to wait and see. This is, after all, only the first day.

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