Thanksgiving Movie Review: The Blind Side

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In honor of Turkey Day, I thought that it would be appropriate to review a movie that has the overall message of being thankful. Just yesterday I watched the Blind Side for the first time. When it came out three years ago, it got a ton of praise, and it was the topic of conversation for a while. Because of that, I decided to watch this film. The two key points to the Blind Side are the acting and the plot.

The acting in this film was top notch. Nobody overacted, and the performances were all delivered with strong execution. The man character, Big Mike, impressed me the most. Though he doesn’t say much throughout the film, you know how he feels just through the way he carries himself. Just like Gosling in Drive, Mike’s silence throuhgout the film is significant. He’s a very lovable character, and he’s the gentle giant that every person wants to have as a friend.

As this movie takes place in the South, there are some racial elements that are thrown into the film, but it isn’t overwhelming. There was just enough racial conflict without it getting blown out of proportion. Over all, the acting made this film very believable.

The plot moves at a decent pace. Though the movie takes time to tell its story, it doesn’t feel slow nor fast. It held my attention from beginning to end, and so I was invested in the story for the full run-time. This movie is said to be very emotionally moving, and I could see where the emotion would come from, but it didn’t move me monumentally. Sure, Mike has been through a lot, but he doesn’t confess his hardships to everyone. Instead, he is thankful for what comes his way and he makes the most of it. He pushes on. His story is more of a story of triumph rather than loss.

The Blind Side was a turkey T-Bone. Yes, turkeys do not yeild a T-Bone cut, but just roll with it. Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving. Although the food and football and family is nice, don’t let those things cloud your vision as to what the day is really about: Being thankful for what we have.



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