2 Post Ideas: Vote For Your Favorite!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Things have been going GREAT with gamerscene. This November has been the best month for the blog EVER in terms of views. Thank you so much for the support. I truly mean it. The thanks can go on forever coming from me, so let’s move on to the real point of this post.

I have two great ideas (if I must say so myself) and I need help deciding which one I should introduce into the blog. At the end of this post, please vote on the poll to let me know which one you want. As always, feel free to leave me a comment as well. Here are my ideas:

Search-Term Saturday: Yes, this is a ridiculously corny name for a post. But my other three posts are Movie Monday, Women Wednesday, and Think a Bit Thursday. Did you expect an original post title? So what is this Search Term sorcery? Allow me to explain. So when somebody searches something on Google or another search engine, and Gamerscene is a result and they click on it, I can see what term they searched to find my blog. I get HILARIOUS search terms. It amazes me how stupid and how funny some people can be. What I would do in this post is take the most interesting search terms of the week and make comments about the searches. This would be a funnier type of post.

Celebrity Saturday: Yet another cheesey title. In this post, I would choose a celebrity, whether it be an actor or director, and talk about their movies and/or shows, their most famous lines, and what they are best known for in general. This would turn a movie noob into a movie buff, and we’d learn about these actors together. I’d likely ask what your favorite work of his/hers is, and maybe even leave a poll for you to vote on whether you like the actor or not. Every week, you the viewer would suggest who I should talk about. This is, after all, a movie blog, and so this would fit the theme of Gamerscene quite well.

So which would you like to be part of this blog? Please vote here:

Leave a comment and let me know which you would like as well. Thanks so much for reading and voting, and for the support!



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