The Third Day of Christmas Prompts Us to Eat Like a Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie Review

My original plan was to go to Denny’s, order the Eat Like a Hobbit Special, and then go see the Hobbit. Unfortunately, I did not go through with the plan. Instead, I went directly to the movies. So did this film fit in with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or did it fall short? Get it? Short? (Sorry, I had to.)

The_Hobbit__An_Unexpected_Journey movie poster

The three key points to this movie are characters, plot, and frame rate.

Martin Freeman did a great job as Bilbo. He portrayed Bilbo as being an awkward, quiet, shy hobbit. But Bilbo changes throughout the film, and Freeman shows that perfectly. His change isn’t out of the blue. Instead, when he gains more courage, it is because of significant events. Gandalf is awesome, but did I really need to say that? Thorin Oakenshield did a great job leading the pack, serving as a type of Aragorn figure for the movie. The dwarves were all great, and none of them held the movie back. Some were utilized more than others, but that was to be expected.

Over all, the characters in the film were great, and the acting was on par with the Lord of the Rings movies. The plot is where this movie has a bit of a setback. The story is told masterfully, and I knew what was going on at all times. The backstory was provided generously. The storytelling is fine, but the problem lies in the pacing. The beginning didn’t feel too long, but once the first conflict happens on the adventure, you feel so relieved. After looking back on it, the beginning was unnecessarily dragged out. I would have appreciated a little more speed, as the adventure that lies ahead of the recruitment is so much more exciting and absorbing.

The movie doesn’t have a childish feel, but it doesn’t feel as epic as the Lord of the Rings movies. Many may criticize me for comparing the movies, but how can you avoid it? Every moviegoer will compare the two. The Hobbit doesn’t feel as grand as the Lord of the Rings films. Of course, the fate of Middle Earth isn’t at stake, but it didn’t retain the grand-scale feel of the LOTR.

As I decided to view this movie in 48 frames per second, I could give my opinion on how it looked. At first, it was strange. Not good or bad, but strange. Once the adventure started, however, I forgot about it. Is it groundbreaking? Not really. Like I said, I forgot about it an hour into the movie. But it wasn’t terrible. Many are claiming that it is distracting and bad, so you might as well be safe and view it normally rather than in 48 fps. You’re not missing out on anything.

Over all, the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was a high T-Bone. I greatly enjoyed it, and the characters really grew on me. What keeps it from being a Filet was the lack of the epic feel that I was looking for. Still, this is a great film that you should see if you like Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Have you seen the Hobbit yet? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!



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