The Fourth Day of Christmas Requires True Grit: True Grit Movie Review

I do not like country music. I do not like Westerns. Despite those two very true statements, I had an unusual desire to watch True Grit. True Grit is about a girl who wants to avenge her father’s death. She recruits a badass to help her, and they embark on a manhunt to find her father’s killer.

The two key points to True Grit are the characters and the plot. The characters and how they interact is the highlight of this movie. The dialogue is masterful, and the conversations in this film keep your interest despite their sometimes boring nature, due to the snappy dialogue. The main character in this film, Mattie Ross, owns this film.

Hailee Steinfeld has acting chops. It disappoints me that Disney stars are considered great actresses when girls like Steinfeld are delivering ridiculously talented performances. Her character is a master of banter and bargain, and she has to have her way. In other words, she is a female, but she isn’t a winey, delicate type of girl. She is a girl who is willing to kill her father’s murderer by her own hand.

Cogburn, played by Jeff Bridges, is also a great character. He’s a tough guy with a good heart, but he can banter just as good as the child he is recruited by. Bridges did a great job with his character. On the topic of Jeff Bridges…does anybody else think he looks like Donald Sutherland?


Bridges                                          Sutherland

Matt Damon’s charatcer, the Texas Ranger, was weak. He didn’t contribute much to the story. Maybe he was a key character in the original True Grit movie, but in this film, he felt forced. Matt Damon is as likable as actors get, yet I didn’t feel a connection with his character.

This film won a boatload of Oscars, so I expected the plot to be flawless. Unfortunately, it was not. I will be straightforward with you. I was invested in the movie until the end. The end was too artsy for me. Once it ended the way it did, I instantly knew why it won an Oscar. It was an Oscar-type ending.

Over all, True Grit was a Western T-Bone. The acting was phenomenal, I was invested in the story, and it had stellar dialogue, but Matt Damon’s character felt unimportant and the ending was disappointing. If you like Westerns, maybe you will appreciate this film more than I did.



One comment on “The Fourth Day of Christmas Requires True Grit: True Grit Movie Review

  1. Saw this one a while back and enjoyed it despite not really having any desire to see it in the first place, so I guess that means something. You’re right though, the acting was incredible and I think that’s what really carried the film over all.

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