The Fifth Day of Christmas Makes Us Feel Like Children: The Muppets Movie Review

I have never seen an episode of the Muppets. I was more of a Blue’s Clues type of kid. Despite that, however, I could tell that this movie did justice to the Muppets. This was kind of like the Avengers for a kid’s show. But I don’t know the source material, and so I cannot say that with 100% confidence. The three key points to this movie are the plot, humor, and characters.

The plot to the Muppets is simple enough for kids to follow yet meaty enough for the adults. The kids will know exactly what’s going on, yet the adults aren’t going to be rolling their eyes at a cheesy kid’s movie. This is a FAMILY movie. Not a kid’s movie. A FAMILY movie. Jokes are scattered throughout the film, both which the kids and adults will laugh at. What’s great is that the Muppets had some adult humor hidden throughout, so adults will be just as entertained as the kids. There are some great celebrity cameos sprinkled throughout as well, which makes the experience even better for the adults. The plot was simple yet layered. It worked, no doubt about that.

This movie was hilarious. I was grinning and smiling throughout. The ridiculousness and hilarity of the plot is projected very well. It touches upon some movie stereotypes, which will make any movie buff laugh. There are a couple of old guys who were definitely my favorite Muppets in the film, and they stole the scenes they were in. Over all, this movie is a funny one. It has heart, no doubt about that.

As for the characters, I believe that they were all done justice. This was kind of like the Avengers for a younger audience. Did Kermit steal the show? No. Hulk was great, but he didn’t steal the show from the rest of the characters. The drum guy was hilarious, but he didn’t overshadow the other Muppets. Same was the case with Tony Stark. See what I’m getting at? All of the characters had their moment, and they were all funny. The guy with no face and a pair of glasses cracks me up every time.

If you want to watch a family movie with some kids, (hopefully they are yours) this is definitely worth a rent. The Muppets was a T-Bone. I’m done pulling strings here. I’m going to put a sock on it and say goodbye.


PS: (Hope you enjoyed the cheesy puns)


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