The Seventh Day of Christmas Calls For An Ironic Post Title: Se7en Movie Review

Seven is a very special number. It represents luck, getting rich, and is a great song by the Dave Matthews Band.

Tell me that’s not amazing. Alright, let’s get back on track. Today, I’ll be reviewing Se7en, starring Morgan-My Voice Should Be In Every GPS System-Freeman and Brad-Angelina Jolie Is Mine, Give Up Your Dreams-Pitt. These two detectives much catch a killer who is using the Seven Deadly Sins as the foundation of his killings. I am aware of the existence Korean pop singer known as Se7en. This movie is not related to that singer in any way.

The three key points to this film are the characters, concept, and music.

Morgan Freeman took this lead role and dominated it. With Brad Pitt backing him up, they had more chemistry than chemistry in a chemistry lab. Forgive my terrible comparison. It is reasonably late as I type this. All actors played their roles well, and the acting was over all very believable. Brad Pitt especially shined. Freeman was great, but Pitt really took control of his character. The characters, despite being interesting, didn’t take over the story. The story was able to tell itself very well.

The concept of this film revolving around the Seven Deadly Sins was appealing to me. Actually, it was actually quite disturbing, which made it appealing. The Sins were utilized well, and some things from this film seem to be from the writers of Saw. Still, the deaths in this movie didn’t feel over the top. This movie contained a sense of realism that made it all the more absorbing. I bought this movie, because the concept wasn’t over the top, and the characters commanded the screen.

Because the music in Se7en is done by Howard Shore, the musical prodigy who did the music for the Lord of the Rings films, I have to talk about it. The beginning credits sequence was very entertaining. Though there wasn’t much to see, the music was twisted in a great way. Throughout the film, the music sets the mood of each scene, and truly worked with the movie’s tone like bread to butter. Or butter to bread. Or peanut butter to jelly.

Over all, Se7en was a great film, with some things that really intrigued me. All I have to say is this: I caught the Verbal references. 😉 This movie was a T-Bone. Check it out. But be careful, because the FBI can track your library card. (I truly hope you don’t check out movies from the library. This is the 21st century.)



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