Think a Bit Thursday: 2012 and the Apocalypse

Tomorrow, the world is scheduled to end. Scheduled by who you ask? Scheduled by the Mayans. This was an ancient civilization who lived about 1500 years ago. They played a version of basketball called Pitz. The loser of the game would be sacrificed to the gods. They also sacrificed people who they captured as slaves. They cut out their hearts and kicked the person off of their temples, sending them tumbling down stairs. Not just stairs. These stairs.

Sure, they knew something about the stars and planets. But they didn’t conclude that there was water on Mars. They knew about the cycles of the moon. But they didn’t send a man there. There is nothing that they knew that NASA doesn’t.

This doesn’t make sense to me. Nobody would ever believe a word that this civilization uttered because they wrote on rocks and sacrificed people. But now, because of this supposed ‘ending of the calendar,’ people actually take this “civilization” seriously. Allow me to explain this ‘ending of the calendar.’ Every 12 months here on earth, we celebrate the New Year. We reset our calendar and start from January every year. The ‘ending of the calendar’ for the Mayans marked a new cycle of life. The birth and death of a life cycle.

This life cycle isn’t to be taken literally, however. The world is not going to end on this ‘ending of the calendar.’ It is equal to a new phase in life. That’s all it is. Just as we celebrate the New Year every January, these Mayans had a new cycle of life.

This whole situation is unreasonable. These people could not have calculated an event that was to take place hundreds of years into future. The people who believe this prophecy are simply stupid. It makes no logical sense. The Mayans were a civilization that used leaves as toilet paper. And some believe that they have accurately predicted the end of the world. Get out of here.

If that didn’t convince you, know that in the Bible, it says that nobody knows when the end will come. If THAT doesn’t convince you, then I am deeply sorry, for you must be an idiot.

I’ll be seeing each and every one of you tomorrow, as I have another review to post.



2 comments on “Think a Bit Thursday: 2012 and the Apocalypse

  1. Oh, ouch! I think the Mayans were an amazing civilization. Sure, we know everything they know now…but they knew it 1500 years ago! It’s incredible how advanced they became without the technology we have today. I think we should definitely give them some credit.

    But obviously I agree with you – the world is not going to end. And that was never the intention of the ending of the Mayan calendar anyway. Like you said, it was the end of one era and the beginning of another. Nothing more!

    • The Mayans were very advanced in the stars, but so were most civilizations. When you don’t have a GPS system, the stars are your guide. They were smart enough to know to read the stars. They also had some advanced math. The slightly biased connotation of this post was to bring to light the absurdity of this prediction. I’m no Mayan hater. lol

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