The Eight Day of Christmas Requires Valor: Act of Valor Movie Review

I strongly dislike it when a critic compares a movie to a videogame. I could never wrap my head around how they could say that a movie and a game were alike. Still, I couldn’t help thinking of Call of Duty as I watched this film. Act of Valor is a movie about Navy SEAL’s who have to stop a terrorist plot. The two key points to this film are acting and action.

The acting in this film was attacked by critics, and so I had to pay close attention to the performances delivered by the SEAL’s. It wasn’t so bad that I was cringing, but I wasn’t impressed by a performance. To be honest, the acting wasn’t all that terrible, and so I wasn’t that bothered by it. You don’t really get too close to any characters, but you understand their personalities. The leader of the SEAL team was the most interesting of the bunch, and the terrorists had something going, but it didn’t really go anywhere. I understand that the SEAL’s in this film are actual SEAL’s, but I don’t want to watch the Navy SEAL’s put on a play. I want to see a good movie. Over all, the performances were decent, but the characters were basically flat lines the whole movie. They weren’t very dynamic.

As for the action, it was actually quite brutal. I expected a film with a more censored kind of a tone, but some scenes were pretty dark. There were no ridiculous set-pieces and no outstanding action scenes. A lot of the action was obscured by POV cameras, so I couldn’t get a full picture as to who was shooting who.

The action fell flat, to be honest.

This film was a camoflaghed Porkchop. If you’re into military stuff, you will enjoy Act of Valor. If you want a good action movie, however, there are better options out there. Now that I think about it, I could have just played a campaign mission from Call of Duty instead of watching this film. As a matter of fact, Reznov was a more interesting character than any of these guys.



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