The Ninth Day of Christmas Shopping Can Hurt Your Wallet: The Hurt Locker Movie Review

This is the movie that put Jeremy Renner on the map. This film beat out Avatar in 2009, and so I had to see what was so special about it. The Hurt Locker is about an elite Army bomb squad team that is stationed in the Middle East. The two key points to this film are plot and suspense.

The plot is driven by the characters. Renner, at first, seems like a lone wolf. He wants to do everything his way on his time. He doesn’t work well in a team setting. Over time, however, you begin to understand why he is the way he is. And his character wasn’t shaped by some tragic moment. He is deep, and you can’t figure him out right away. His fellow soldiers are equally as complex. You take notice of their inner demons and wonder when they will lose their cool. War is shown as being something more than a bond of brotherhood and slick soldiers. No. The Hurt Locker exposes the reality and the darkness of war. That’s why this movie works. It’s real. It’s raw. There was no polish or cinematic tricks sprinkled here and there. There were no scenes with blaring epic music with soldiers whipping out their pistols and shooting everyone they see. This is war. The Hurt Locker doesn’t sugarcoat it. It doesn’t embrace it. It just shows it, and we as an audience watch in in awe that this is what war is. The plot moved at a great pace, spending enough time with character development and bomb defusing.

The suspense, however, makes the movie feel longer than it is. That’s a good thing, by the way. When Renner is toying with wires, you are on edge. There is no dramatic music to make it feel light. The weight of every bomb situation is felt, and you cannot get comfortable while watching Renner at work. The suspense is just over the top. There was one scene that made me uneasy because it was plain gruesome, but for the most part, the suspense is felt because of anticipation of a bomb going off or a soldier getting shot.

Over all, the Hurt Locker is a riduclously great movie. This is a Filet, no bomb included inside of it. This is a movie to see. This is going down in history with Saving Private Ryan and Full Metal Jacket as one of the greatest military movies ever made. Go see this film. You won’t regret it.



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