The Tenth Day of Christmas Contains a Review Which Is So Late It’s Obsolete: Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review

Wreck-It Ralph is a movie that has been hugely praised. Animated movies rarely get glorified, and so Wreck-It Ralph was on my mental to-see list. This film is about Ralph, who is tired of being the bad guy. He wants to be the hero for once, as his life isn’t fulfilling him. Because of his desire to be a hero, he game-jumps in order to win a medal to prove his goodness. But things are never as easy as they seem.

The three key points to this film are the animation, humor, and story.

The animation was bright and vibrant. Everything had a round, clean look to it. I wasn’t blown away with the whole look. I didn’t hate it, of course, because there was nothing wrong with it. I just wasn’t all that impressed. Maybe I needed to see this movie in 3D? The visuals were mostly bright and colorful, but I wasn’t taken aback.

Usually when I see animated movies, I’m amazed at how much better they look as time goes on. Wreck-It Ralph, however, just left me feeling indifferent.

The humor in this film was thankfully not bathroom humor, but the only thing I found hilaious was the little girl: Vanellope von Schweetz.

She has got to be the absolute cutest character since Boo from Monster’s Inc. She was adorable. Look at that face. Look at it! Okay back on topic. She provided great comic relief, despite the fact that she is a major character. Just like Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter, she can be funny while also playing a key role in the story. There were a couple more laughs to be had, but I got a much more serious tone resonating from this movie, which was unexpected. More adult humor would have been nice.

Lastly, the plot. This movie definitely has a more complex plot than most animated movies. There were a few moments in particular that were very cool, as well as moments that stir some emotions.

Throughout the story, character cameos are scattered throughout the film, whether it be through references or their actual character being there. Even though the makers of this film had a ton of characters at their disposal, they decided to keep it simply at cameos. Instead of integrating the classic games we know into the story, they hinted at them and then moved on. I really wish that I could have seen these video game characters contribute to the story. If they’re there, they might as well be used, right?

I just wanted a fight scene with a few video game characters. Is that too much to ask? And there was the obvious reference to Call of Duty with the game: Hero’s Duty. Call of Duty has such a huge audience. It wouldn’t be too difficult for some guy working on this project to suggest a camping reference or something of the like. If you’re going to use Call of Duty as a base in your video game movie, make a reference to it.

Over all, this movie was an 8-bit Porkchop. Keep in mind that 8-bit is on the lower end of quality. This movie had a lot of opportunities  but I felt that it underused the video game characters given to it. My younger sisters, on the other hand, rated this one a Filet. I guess that’s the only opinion that matters with this type of movie, right? The kids?’ What am I doing reviewing this film? I need to go eat a steak. I need to redeem my manliness.



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