The Eleventh Day of Christmas Requires Me to Review Ocean’s Eleven: Ocean’s Eleven Movie Review

Ocean’s Eleven is a movie about a group of people who attempt to rob three casinos in Las Vegas. The two key points to this film are the characters and the heist.

The characters are presented to you very quickly and very randomly. Clooney is fresh out of prison, and he wants to rob some casinos for personal reasons. But he can’t do it alone. He and an old friend round up a team of specialists. As they recruit each person, you see a small clip that reveals the specialist’s personality without shoving backstory down your throat. Once the team is all together you soon begin to gain a better understanding of the characters. You don’t know a ton about many of them, but you get the idea enough so that you care about them. There were some funny characters in the mix, and each team member was very well acted. My problem with these characters, however, is how they are presented. When the specialists are being recruited, the clip that shows their specialty is very brief, and moving from clip to clip established a pace that was too fast.

But the first part of the film where the team is being recruited is the only rough patch that this movie has. After that, the preparation for the heist and the heist itself is executed in a smart, slick way. Clooney explains the security of the casinos and hints at some methods of the theft, but you see the majority of the heist unravel as it happens. You aren’t informed about every step of the heist before it happens, and that adds an intriguing surprise element to the movie. Many tricks that are used by this team are really clever, and I always appreciate a movie that is smart.

Ocean’s Eleven was a great heist movie that was both smart and clever. With the humor and light characters added into the mix, I enjoyed this film. Ocean’s Eleven is an orange T-Bone. Despite the seemingly rushed beginning, the film was a good time. After watching this movie, 21, and the Hangover, I expect Vegas to contain the best times of my life. I could do without the tiger though.



2 comments on “The Eleventh Day of Christmas Requires Me to Review Ocean’s Eleven: Ocean’s Eleven Movie Review

    • It was good watch but not nearly as amazing as it is hyped to be. From my understanding, the sequels were weak. But give Ocean’s 11 a watch. You’ll enjoy it.

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