I Got An Award…And I Give An Award =)

I would like to thank the Academy for this amazing opportunity and generous award. I’m just joking. This award has been given to me by The Midnight Novelist, the coolest blogger around. If you aren’t subscribed to her, go subscribe! She’s always a great read. Courtesy of The Midnight Novelist, I have received my first blogging award! It’s called the Lovely Blog Award.

Lovely Blog Award

I think this is absolutely hilarious, because the day I received this award, I put out a post about how I threw up pizza in my uncle’s car. How’s that for lovely? Regardless, somebody thought of recognizing my blog, and so I must follow the tradition of this ‘Lovely Blogger Award.’

Here are the three rules that I need to follow:

  1. Thank the person who gave it to you (Done)
  2. List seven things about yourself
  3. Pass it along to seven others

Here are seven things about myself:

1. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I now live in California, and have been living here for two years.

2. My favorite movie is Inception. *BWAHHH*

3. I have never broken a bone, nor do I plan on breaking a bone.

4. The thing I appreciate most in life is a quality medium-rare Filet Mignon.

5. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors.

6. I want to grow my blog as much as I can this year.

7. I want to find out who created this award. Props to anyone who knows who spawned t.

Those were 7 facts about me. (Well, technically 6, but who’s counting?)

And now I need to award this merit to seven other bloggers. I don’t know if any of these bloggers have gotten this award before, but if I were awarded an Oscar twice, I wouldn’t mind at all. Here are the seven privileged people to receive the Lovely Blog Award. (I still chuckle at that name.)

Chris Martin Writes – This blogger has the best looking pen on his home page. I’d bet it’s the perfect kind of pen that doesn’t leak ink but still has a very fresh look when it writes. Plus, he addresses the fact that he isn’t the lead singer of Coldplay. Because that pen looks “lovely” in blogger terms, he deserves this award.

Rorschach Reviews – This guy’s blog is far from lovely, because every time I visit it, I think of Rorschach from Watchmen and what he does to peoples’ heads. Congrats, fellow blogger. You won an award. Keep up the great work!

Tranquil Dreams – This blog is, I must say, lovely. It has such a clean look to it, and it looks fun yet professional. That’s a hard look to achieve. Congrats!

Andy Watches Movies – This is a blogger who watches movies. His blog is full of a ton of reviews and a ton of time. His blog is lovely, in which case, lovely stands for- LOOK, OAHL VEEZ EXCITING LOOKABLE YOGURT reviews! That made no sense. But this guy deserves an award regardless of what the reward is for.

Playing the Canon – If you want great, in depth reviews, check out this guy. Congratulations to you, Mr. Playing the Canon.

Hiking Photo – These pictures on this blog are beautiful, truly. They are lovely, in blogger speak. You deserve this award, kind sir.

Bunny and Pork Belly  – Another great photography blog. And I thought I was good with a camera…

Again, everyone who received this award has to follow the three rules listed above. Thanks so much again to The Midnight Novelist, and to the seven listed bloggers: Congrats, you deserved it. What a cool start to the year. But I’m more willing to refer to this as the Sexy Blog Award. Who’s with me?



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