Think a Bit Thursday: Gladiator and Jealousy of the Rich

Before we begin, I’d like to say that I have a new Rage Segment. It is the darkest Rage Segment I have ever written, and I mean every word. Check it out here.

This week, I was in the mood to talk about jealousy. My very first Think a Bit Thursday was about Gladiator, but this movie has such strong values that I couldn’t help but bring it into another Think a Bit Thursday. In Gladiator, the emperor chooses a soldier of his to take his place rather than his son. The son becomes jealous and attempts to murder the soldier. From there, he is a jealous train wreck.

Gladiator Poster

This leads me to talk about jealously. There is a common theme between people in this day and age: A majority of people envy and/or are jealous of rich people. I was once angry at rich people like nearly everyone else. I despised them. Why does a person need 5 cars? Why do they need that big of a house? Why do they eat all of this expensive food for no reason? I couldn’t stand these people who used money to wipe their nose. But then I opened my eyes.

At this very moment, what do you want in life? You want success. I want success. I want to have a job where I get very well paid. The goal is to get a ton of money. Money does not equate to happiness, but money will classify me as successful. You want money. You want a raise. You want a high paying job. Aren’t rich people what we strive to be?

They are model citizens. They are Americans who worked hard, starting from the bottom just like me and you, and they became successful. We think of them as being greedy, cold, heartless people, but they are simply successful. Are some full of greed? Yes. But should we hate them for achieving what we want? No. Don’t tell me you don’t want to be rich. Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and having spending money.

People with money aren’t men who steal and do business deals with shady corporations. No. They are successful because they work hard. They are basically what we strive to be. They started with a dream and an idea, and they worked at it. That’s why Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

When a rich person goes out and buys two Porsches, a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari, I no longer despise them. I know that they earned it. They earned those cars because they earned that money because they worked hard for it. That’s it. If I were rich I would spend generously as well.

But it’s not our business what the rich spend their money on. If I had an excess amount of wealth, I would likely donate it and use it for others, but if somebody with a ton of money doesn’t feel like it is their place to do that, what can we do? We can get upset, but it’s their money. I can’t get upset at people for not spending their money on certain things. Besides, many wealthy people donate to charities and organizations that help others. People cannot classify rich people into one big mush of people who are greedy and selfish. It’s neither true nor correct.

Don’t hate people that are rich. Don’t be jealous and envy them. Instead, if you can’t bring yourself to recognize their success and applaud them for it, strive to be them. Jealousy is blind, but inspiration is wise.

That was some food for thought for you. Of course, you likely have some thoughts on how we should view rich people. I may have a billionaire subscriber. (I highly, highly doubt it) Whatever the case may be, leave a comment below with your thoughts. Thanks for reading!



4 comments on “Think a Bit Thursday: Gladiator and Jealousy of the Rich

  1. I think you make a great point here. Not everyone is born into wealth, and I think a lot of people forget that. There are plenty of people who work hard to get where they are, and I think that’s what we should strive to do ourselves. Money, for most people, isn’t just going to fall into our laps. It is earned.

    On the other hand, I can’t help but despise people who hoard their money and spend it lavishly when they have both the finances and the influence to make a difference in this world. I understand that those with a lot of money live an expensive lifestyle, but it’s so hard to imagine that they need three homes and six cars and $1,000 purses or suits. If I can get by on what I have and live a meaningful life, why can’t they do the same? I don’t despise the rich, I despise opulence.

    • Not going to lie, I had to look up that word. Haha. Just yesterday I was listening to a commentator online who was basically saying that ‘there comes a point where these people get 100 billion dollars. Is that really NECESSARY?’ He was getting upset at how 100 billion dollars isn’t needed by one man, and should be spread. In one sense, I agree. Like I said, I wish all wealthy people had good hearts. But then again, if you’re Donald Trump and you obtain a ton of money, you aren’t going to spend it on another estate. No, you’re going to make an investment and start a business so you can get more money. That creates jobs. So we do need extremely wealthy people in our society

      • That’s absolutely true – the part about them creating jobs, etc. I mean, look at all these huge CEOs that own companies that literally employ hundreds of thousands of people. That’s a great thing. But I still can’t get past people in the entertainment industry who earn MILLIONS of dollars to just make a movie. Or to appear on a TV show. Or to put out an album. I’m a writer, so I understand wanting compensation for time creating art. But some of these people could do so much more with the money they earn, rather than just sitting on it and fueling their addictions. But at the end of the day, I think you’re right. Most people have put in the effort to earn their wealth, and we shouldn’t blame them for that. We should strive to be more like them if that’s the goal we want to accomplish.

      • Glad you agree 🙂 A lot of celebrities do get involved in SOME kind of cause, but yeah, they do hold much of their money to themselves. But hey, I guess that’s just how it is. Thanks for the thoughts!

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