15,000 views? Cue Heartfelt Speech

There are times where I am brushing my teeth and I think to myself, I should be making a post right now. There are times when I am in the shower and I say to myself, “I should make a new Rage Segment.” There are times when I turn on the news and think, That guy who did that…that’s not cool. I’d bet my viewers aren’t like that. And that is the reason why this is so awesome.

When I created this blog, I was doing it for fun. I thought it would be something between my friends and family that I did to keep me busy. But after three years, this blog has grown into something more. I still do it for fun, but it’s for people who I haven’t met or will ever meet. That’s the coolest thing. To be able to talk to this kind of an audience is something that I never thought would happen.

But we can do better. This is a great milestone, but I want to see 20,000 views in no time. This isn’t a requirement of you, it’s simply a goal for me. I want to grow by making my content better, and I will only ever get views if I put out good content. All I ask of you is to enjoy Gamerscene whenever you stop by. 😀 That’s all I ask.

This year has gotten off to a great start: I’m kicking off a couple of new weekly posts, I got the Sexy Blog Award, ( 😉 ) and I hit 15,000 views. This is going to be a great year.

Thanks so much for the support, and I look forward to entertaining and informing you guys in the future.



2 comments on “15,000 views? Cue Heartfelt Speech

  1. Hey Johnathan, it’s Justin. Just lettin you know that I visit the site nearly every day just like you told me! Haha anyways you’re doing a great job with the site, so keep up the great work.

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