Search-Term Sunday: Fat People, COD Haters, and Hipsters

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new series where I take search terms that people type in that direct them to this blog and make comments about their searches. These are all real terms that people have Googled to get to Gamerscene. This series will get a post every other Sunday. I welcome you to the very first Search Term Sunday. Enjoy! (The search terms are bolded)

i once fought two days with an arrow

This is obviously an incomplete quote from Liam Neeson. In the movie Kingdom of Heaven, Liam Neeson says, “I once fought two days with an arrow through my testicle.” This person is a champion for knowing the quote. Too bad he was too scared to type the word ‘testicle.’

how violent is mw3 compared to black ops

What kind of an idiot question is this? All Call of Duty games have the same amount of violence. Granted, in Treyarch games you can typically blow off limbs, but it must be an old woman who searched this. If that’s the case, I apologize to you, and if your hip ever gives out, I will assist you.

freddie mercury sick

Sorry to disappoint you, but Freddie Mercury is not sick. He is dead. He has been dead for 21 years.

argo where being shown

…Argo is no longer being shown in theaters…It came out on October 12th…

how does infinity ward feel about treyarch

I actually have been wondering the same thing. I know that Treyarch was the B team when COD first started, but they rarely seem to comment on each other. You seem to be a very educated individual.

arnold body

Let me just make this easy on you. Hide any kids in the room. This is Arnold’s body.

black ops 2 feels like mw3

I didn’t know that your bridge was destroyed. That is where trolls live, right?

mining for gold not on youtube

I cannot figure out why anyone would want to watch a video on anything but Youtube. You must be a hipster who doesn’t bathe because it’s too mainstream.

ancient persian female soldiers


treyarch failed infinity wards turn

This was searched the day that Black Ops II was released. You are so impulsive that you have to disregard the game on the day of its release? Everyone clap for this genius.

obese person non comical

Sorry bro, pictures of obese people will always be comical. That was a joke. I have a heart. But seriously, tell me this isn’t funny.

signs to tell if a grill likes you

I don’t believe that grills can falls in love with you. They are inanimate objects.

guy in a body cast

Please refer yourself to the Spongebob episode which contains a fish who yells, “CHOCOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!” I believe there is a character in the episode who is in a body cast.

over powered makarov in cod

Not one person on this earth will agree that this gun is overpowered. A water gun is more competitive than this thing.

100 things you didn’t know about inception

Get real. Inception’s my favorite movie, but 100 things you didn’t know about it? That’s an absurdly high number. Come back to reality, viewer. Come back to reality.

all white americans are obese, lazy, and dim-witted

Unless this search came from the United States, the person who searched this is either from Canada, Australia, or Brazil, according to the stat tracking provided by WordPress. This statement is blindly stereotypical. Please leave your message to this person in the comments below. He deserves a lesson in manners.

The next Search Term Sunday post will come  in a couple of Sundays. I hope you guys enjoyed! Please show your support by leaving a like and a comment below to start this series strong. Thanks for reading!



5 comments on “Search-Term Sunday: Fat People, COD Haters, and Hipsters

  1. Hilarious! I can’t wait for more of these. My favorite was the ‘ancient Persian female soldiers’. I think you got it right by just leaving a question mark there. I mean, what DO you say to that? Lol

    • And I Googled some pictures too. It’s a very obscure topic. I didn’t know what to say to that. Lol. I get more ridiculous search terms every day, so I’m excited for the next one.

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