Movie Monday: Pirates 5, Jurassic Park 4, Spongebob Movie, Mama

Ladies and gentlemen, I have some news for you. Let’s do this.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been announced. I lost interest in the series after Pirates 2, and it is clear now that the Pirates movies no longer have substance. This is clearly a quick money grab, due to the fact that Johnny Depp’s name is still attached to the film. 5 movies? Come on. But I must say, to all those who dislike Orlando Bloom, check out Kingdom of Heaven. It changed my view of the guy completely.

Jurassic Park 4 has been announced, and is set for a June 2014 release, and will be filmed in 3D. I’ve only seen the first, and I don’t even remember it that well. Did Jurassic Park ever stop being good at a certain point, or were all three supposed to be good? Educate me in the comments below.

A new big-screen Spongebob movie is in the works. It is set for a 2014 release date.

This isn’t new news, but a movie titled ‘Mama’ has been announced. You’ve likely seen TV ads for it. As you probably know, I’m not a horror fan. But this movie looks absolutely ridiculous. If I can find a willing group of people, I may just catch this one in the theater. What do you guys think about this movie?

I just watched that trailer again…I just decided that I probably won’t be seeing it in theaters.



11 comments on “Movie Monday: Pirates 5, Jurassic Park 4, Spongebob Movie, Mama

  1. This first Pirates movie is definitely the best, but 2 and 3 had strong points as well. The fourth one wasn’t the greatest, but I really enjoy Sparrow as a character (and, okay, I like looking at Johnny Depp too), so I saw it in the theatre and got the DVD. I’ll be interested in seeing the next Pirates (there’s actually supposed to be six total, I guess), just to see where they go next. I hope they can give the franchise an overhaul and make the content less stagnant. They’ve got a great basis going, with a lot of built in fans. They just have to spice it up and capture the same essence that pulled everyone in with the first one.

    Okay, Jurassic Park is one of my all-time favorite movies. It still stands the tests of time. Great, great movie. I quite liked the second one too. The third was okay – very different feel from the first two and didn’t quite meet the standards put in place by the others. I’m looking forward the fourth just because I think they could make it spectacular with the advanced technology we have now. They just have to make sure the story is strong enough. After all this time since the last one, I hope they’ve put the effort into it. I might even go see JP1 in 3D, even though I *hate* 3D. But I’d love to see those dinos up close and actually get to see the film in the theatre. (The scene in the kitchens with the Velociraptors STILL gives me the willies after all this time.)

    • That is the one scene I remember strongly. I definitely need to see those movies and rewatch the Pirates movies. I did enjoy the first, as it felt very individual, but the rest kind of lost me. I’ll give ’em another shot though. Thanks for informing me!

  2. I’ve not seen any of the Pirates or Spongebob so I’ll stay quiet on those.
    So Jurassic Park, the first one was great. The second one was pretty good and at least was working somewhat from the second JP novel.
    As to the third movie, around my house we have a saying… there IS no JP3… the movie quite frankly had a poor script and weak premise. Plus while the earlier movies had their humor, 3 really tried to hard. At the risk of a minor spoiler, later in the movie I kept looking for Peter Pan and Captain Hook to show up.

  3. I am a huge Jack Sparrow fan (and Johnny Depp fan), but I have to agree they are pushing the Pirates franchise with Depp’s name. I liked the first 3 and the 4th was ok, but not having Will and Elizabeth I felt hurt the film. I have to agree with Karen, I’m looking forward to see where they go with it.

    I remember seeing the first JP a loooong time ago, I liked it. I still need to watch the others so I’m of no help there. ha!

    Mama looks awful, I like horror movies and such and this just seems lame to me.

    • Haha. See, I’m not big at ALL in the horror department. I can’t pick the good from the bad. But I did greatly enjoy Orphan. Maybe the whole kid thing here reminds me of Orphan, and that’s why I seem interested. Then again, I also said that I was interested in Insidious, and I still haven’t seen that either. Lol. I have a cousin who’s in love with Depp, and she loves his character, but she can see that the series is slipping.

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