Q and A :)

I did a Q and A last year. It went well, but my editing skills were still developing when I made the video. Now that 2013 is here, I figured that it was time for a new one. I feel much more confident about the blog and sharing and editing, and to stay up to par with my New Year’s Resolution, I figured that it would be nice to do a new Q and A.

I’d like you guys to ask a few questions, ranging from being about the blog, me, anything. My last Q and A was more about the blog and movies, and I am much more open now about myself as DDog. So in the comments below, on Facebook, on Twitter, through my email, ask me some questions. πŸ™‚ I will work hard to make this Q and A better than the last. This is your chance. If you’ve ever wondered anything about me, now’s the time to ask!

I look forward to your questions!




6 comments on “Q and A :)

  1. Here’s a couple for you: what sort of career would you like to have – something in the entertainment industry? If you had the chance to meet one actor – dead or alive – who would it be? If there was one thing you would change about yourself, what would it be? What is one of your guilty pleasures (ie. a movie or TV show you’re embarrassed to admit you watch and like)? If you had the ability to travel to Narnia, Hogwarts, Wonderland, or Middle Earth, which would you choose and why?

    Hope that helps! Looking forward to another one of these. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Johnathan, did you kill the crawler??? When did you get the idea of making a blog like this? Do you expect to be doing this for many many years to come?

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