About Me Monday: The Day I Drank 20+ Shirley Temples

For those who aren’t aware, Shirley Temples are non-alcoholic cherry drinks. Just wanted to be clear about that. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get into the story.

A few years ago, my cousin got married. Her wedding was a great time, and it yields many memories. One of those memories in particular is definitely worth sharing with you guys.

So my cousin Justin and I generated a bright idea. Due to the fact that it was an open-bar wedding reception, we decided to have a competition. We wanted to see who could drink the most by the end of the night. I was dedicated to drinking Shirley Temples, and he was dedicated to Coke. The unspoken rules were as follows. Every time either of us got a drink, we would tell and show the other. We both kept a mental score-count of both of our progress concerning the amount of drinks.


If you were in my situation, which drink would you choose to drink in excess? Coke or Shirley Temple? Alright, back to the story.

So as the night went on, we made occasional stops at the bar, together and alone. We were both fully aware of the fact that we were probably nuisances to the bartenders. We’re two guys bothering them for sugared drinks. But because of the large amount of sugar in our bodies, we began to get hyped. I proposed an idea that was surely not a good one. Because our energy levels were so high, we decided to go for it.

Justin went to the bar and just laid his arms on it, maintaining a nonchalant look. A moment or two after he seemed set, I moved to the bar. A bartender had his back facing me, and so I took my chance. I said, “Scotch on the rocks, no ice.” The statement was absurd, but the bartender just rolled with it. He shoveled some ice into a glass and began to fill it with Scotch. He turned around as he filled it and looked at me with a death-stare, instantly dumping it out. He didn’t say a word to me as he moved to the other side of the bar to help a person who actually wanted a drink.

Justin and I never intended to actually drink the Scotch. We were fully aware that we wouldn’t get it. We just wanted to mess with somebody and order something at the bar. So as the night progressed, I made sure to avoid that bartender, as I did feel a bit guilty. But the Shirley Temples overshadowed my guilt.

We constantly made trips to the bar. Every time I saw Justin with a full glass, I asked if he was ready to tap out. Regardless, we were both relentless, not ready to quit. But as we noticed the hall get less and less packed, we started to slow down. Then, when only a small group of people were remaining, we both tapped out.

Justin had a full glass of Coke with him when we called it quits. He couldn’t drink it. Instead, we took everything at our table and put it in the glass. All of my cousins pitched in. The salt, the pepper, the sugar, the remaining fries, everything. I think we put gum in there as well. I don’t recall where that came from. This was years ago, and I think that we’ve all matured from then.

The final count was 25 drinks for me and 23 drinks for him. I was victorious. But that isn’t where our story ends. It was 12 o’clock in the morning when the wedding reception was over, and I was going to sleep over Justin’s house. In fact, Robert, my cousin from the last About Me Monday, was also going to sleep over his house.

Because Justin has two brothers, it was a five cousin sleepover. As we were driving to his house, he and I were exhausted. The sugar rush was over, and we were ready to crash.

As soon as we walked into his house, the ties and shoes were off. We were all heading to our designated sleeping areas, and Justin was the first one up the stairs. As he approached the top, he suddenly just stopped and collapsed forward. Of course, we were alarmed. We helped him up and sat him upright at the top of the stairs. He was clearly out of it. The sugar had gotten to him. He put himself to bed and we slept like babies.

We had a great time at that wedding, and it definitely yields many more memories. Did you enjoy this story? What kind of story would you like to hear next? Do you have a story similar to this one? Let me know the comments below, and thanks for reading!



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