Search-Term Sunday: Harry Houdini’s Butt, Spanish Speakers, and False Frenchman

Before I begin, I’d just like to thank everybody who asked a question for the upcoming Q and A. If you haven’t asked a question yet and you’d like to know something about me or the blog, leave a comment on any post with your question(s) and I’ll definitely include it in the Q and A. I appreciate the support!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second Search-Term Sunday. In this series, I take search terms that people typed into Google to find my blog and comment on some of them. WordPress has a function which tells me the search terms each day, and so these are all real terms that people searched to find my blog. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

tom hardy look alike

This person was obviously looking for Logan Marshall-Green, the guy from Prometheus, the 5-cent Tom Hardy.

i got the award


grandma & hipster

This would be a great name for some clothing line. It’d be a place where grandmothers could buy one Metallica T-Shirt and get one Rise Against T-Shirt for free.

(I’m not a fan of Rise Against by the way. I’m not a hipster. 🙂 )

angry birds the hobbit

I could find no correlation between Angry Birds and the Hobbit. I don’t know why anybody would put The Hobbit with Angry Birds.

i love black people

Thank you for sharing.

western water pistols

Kids still play with water guns? Here’s a western water pistol for you. It comes with a cheap little buckle too.

américain obèse hamburger stéréotype

These accents don’t add any authenticity to this phrase. You thought you can fool me? I know you’re not French. You just put accents over an English phrase. That doesn’t make you French.

sick old grandmas

You must truly be a sick person to search for sick old grandmas. I hope YOU become a sick old grandma…even if you’re a guy.

kacamata peter parker

My second and third most popular search-terms are ‘andrew garfield glasses’ and andrew garfield with glasses’ which have, combined, given me 178 views. So when I got this term, I was almost afraid to look up what a Kacamata was. It turns out that Kacamata is a brand of glasses. These ladies loves Andrew Garfield’s glasses.

harry houdinis butt

…I don’t know what to say to that.

how to make real juggernog

What on earth do you need Juggernog for? And why would I tell you how to make it? I need some for myself for the Zombie apocalypse. I understand your concern, but I need to protect myself. I’d advise you to grab some buddies, as it seems like you won’t be surviving very long.

intoxicated euphoria

…I review movies…I don’t give advice on things of this sort…

spongebob movie script

How complicated can the script possibly be? It’s just two idiots laughing together. There’s nothing much to it.

perks do call fo duty zombie

Kids, stay in school. This is what happens when you leave school to go try your hand at becoming a gangster. You can’t spell simple words. This will be your future if you choose the thug life. Don’t become this

todos los perks de call of duty 2 de zombies

It’s look like we have some Spanish speakers who have found gamerscene. In that case: ‘Hola. Me llamo Johnathan. Como te llamas?’ I honestly did that without using Google translate. I deserve a high-five or something for that. To those who are not smart in the Spanish department, the above translates to: All the perks from Call of Duty from Zombies. I did that without Google Translate as well. I deserve an Oscar for that one.

That’s all for this week! Which Search Term was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!



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