Revolution: Black Ops 2 DLC: Pack 1 Review

Ladies and gentlemen, it is here. The first map pack for Black Ops 2 has landed. After much game time, I feel like I’m prepared to review this DLC. Let’s start with the maps. I’m kind of thirsty, so let’s start with Hydro.

This map, first of all, looks great. The water looks smooth and crisp, and it was very nicely done. Outside the borders of the map is an expansion of blue water encased in a dam that looks grand and blue. The map, although not bright and sunny, has no gloom overhanging in the atmosphere. It is a well lit, great-looking map.

So that’s all fine and dandy. But how does this map play? Hydro is fantastic. It’s a small map which has a gravity of its own. The water-shaft area pulls all the players to the center of the map, promoting a ton of engagement and lots of action. The spawns work well, the map is very symmetrical, and it is, over all, a flowing map. Hydro is a success that I love hopping on.

Alright, my water’s getting warm. Let’s add some ice. Now it’s onto Downhill.

Downhill looks gorgeous. The snow isn’t simply thrown onto everything to make the map look cold. It looks layered with care and more detailed than the snow maps that we have seen before. Rather than being dark and gray, this map is bright, contrasting blacks and whites well and making enemies pop against the snow.

This map’s center is a kill zone that is best left untouched. Unlike Hydro, where the center is the place to be, Downhill has a wide open space smack-dab right in the middle of it. Unless your goal is to kill yourself, it’s very easy to be picked off. After I learned this, I stuck to the edges of the map and enjoyed maneuvering around the gondolas, which, with all of their 2 miles per hour of speed, can kill you upon impact. It’s definitely a challenge in objective-based game modes, but it’s a very comfortable, smooth map.

I’ve finished my water with ice. Now it’s time to go skating. Next up is Grind.

This map is bright and vibrant. It’s very curvy, featuring many ramps and curved barriers.  This gives the map a very unique look and feel.

Grind is exactly what the title implies. It’s a grind. This map is a constant battle for power positions as you navigate the map. You circulate around it, using the environment around you to get every advantage that you can. There isn’t a central point of conflict that I have observed. It’s kind of a map where you run around and use the ramps as cover to win your gunfights. It’s a fun map for sure, and very easy on the eyes.

All of this skating has gotten me tired. Let’s go to the beach to relax.

Alright, not exactly what I pictured, but it’s sandy, so it works. This map nailed the Chinese architecture and covered it with sand with precision. The place really looks like a sandstorm blew threw it. The Chinese style to Mirage is so visually appealing and so well done. It is the best looking map of the four, and definitely very unique in the way that it looks.

This map supports various play styles, suiting all kinds of players and weapons. It flows very smoothly and definitely requires a keen eye and map knowledge. This isn’t the easiest map to play, but with practice and repetition, this map will definitely satisfy you as it satisfied me.

The DLC weapon, the Peacekeeper, is an interesting one. First off, it is definitely not overpowered like some feared it would be. It isn’t underpowered either. It is a low damage high accuracy weapon, much like the ACR, except for the fact that it has a slow rate of fire. The gun feels light like a sub machine gun yet has the range of an assault rifle. Is it game changing for the better or worse? No. It’s another balanced gun added to the game that is sure to please.

And now we get to the Zombies. The new map, Die Rise, is complicated, advanced, and was misnamed. It should have been called Inception. Here’s the deal with Die Rise. If you aren’t fond of zombies, this map will definitely not be the one to convert you. It’s tight, it’s busy, and there’s a lot going on. With that being said, this isn’t a map for casual zombie players.

The people who will enjoy this map are those who love zombies and are willing to take time and learn the map. There are a lot of buildables, alternate routes, rooms, secrets, and buildings. It’s like no other zombie map we’ve seen before. It’s a ton of fun, and if you’re up for the challenge, Die Rise will surely test your skills as well as improve them. It will take practice and patience, but once you get a hang of this map and how it works, you’ll have a great time with it.

Die Rise takes place in China. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the zombies have slanted eyes?

Lastly is the new game mode Turned. It is a competition between four people that allows one victor. The premise is simple, but there isn’t much replay value in it. It is fun with friends, but how many times can you enjoy the same mode over and over with the same variables? It’s a fun little game mode that will occupy some of your time, but it isn’t something that will blow you away or something that adds a ton of value to this DLC pack.

Over all, Revolution is a Filet. It contains four maps that look great and play well, an immersive zombie map, and a half-decent mode that isn’t bad, but lacks replay value.

This is definitely a great DLC pack and is worth a buy. I look forward to the next pack. I’m sure Treyarch will do a fine job.



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