Think a Bit Thursday: Your Thoughts on the Paparazzi?

Before we begin, I’d like to give credit to The Midnight Novelist for creating the best (and only) celebrity zombie apocalypse dream team. Her team consisted of: Hannibal Smith – A-Team (Leader), Beatrix Kiddo – Kill Bill (Brawler), Optimus Prime – Transformers (Weapons Expert), Tank – Matrix (Supplies), Tony Stark – Iron Man (Craftsman), Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock (Brains), Dr. Jean Gray – X-Men (Medic), Bruce Wayne – Batman (Car Guy), Tennesee – Zombieland (Mascot), Ron Weasley – Harry Potter (Wonders What’s Happening), Dennis Nedry – Jurassic Park (First to Die), Blade – Blade (Bad Things Happen But Remains Alive), Emmet Cullen – Twilight (Bites Zombies)

That’s one dangerous team. Check out The Midnight Novelist’s blog and subscribe! She has a great variety of posts, and is very active in terms of posting and comments. Now let’s get into our TABT! (By the way, it’s Tallahassee from Zombieland, but Tennessee is close enough. Haha)

Paparazzi. That word is so obnoxious and so infuriating to spell correctly, and so I will try to use it minimally. So the paparazzi is known for chasing around celebrities and harassing them, invading their privacy and private life. Right after I said that I wouldn’t use the word again, I used it. I’ll try a bit harder from this point on.

The question this week is: Should groups of paparazzi be allowed? In other words, should any paparazzi be allowed to exist in general? (Twice…twice!)

Here’s the deal. It think that it’s absurd that celebrities are treated like larger-than-life people. I can’t stand the fact that so many people freak out when they meet a famous person. Personally, if I were to meet a celebrity, the last thing I would do is freak out. I’d only have one shot to make a good impression on the person. I’d rather have Kevin Spacey know me as being a chill fan who is kind and calm than a fan who is hyperventilating and kissing his feet.

Unfortunately, many people obsess over celebrities and eat up anything and everything about them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very interested in celebrities and their film history. But the paparazzi takes this fascination further than film history. These predators attack celebrities and get into their personal life. They bombard them with cameras when they’re with kids or going grocery shopping.

THAT is crossing the line. Intruding in a celebrity’s life while they’re not at a film-related event is improper. But, as this is America, people can take pictures as they choose and where they choose, for the most part. Rights aside, is it correct? Obviously, it’s incorrect. It’s not so much threatening as it is rude and annoying.

But without the paparazzi, (ugh) celebrities wouldn’t be so special. And they aren’t. But seeing celebrities in the news and magazines keeps them fresh. It keeps them in the public eye. Brad Pitt isn’t Brad Pitt because he’s a good actor. He’s Brad Pitt because everyone knows his name. That’s because the press keeps him current. That boosts box office numbers and thus equates to more money. That’s the big picture.

So I think that the paparazzi, though sometimes incorrect in their methods and disrespectful in their profession, are necessary if movies are meant to be a big dollar industry. I could care less about what my favorite actors wear, or about their day-to-day life. But some people do care, and it keeps them invested in the entertainment industry. What do you think? Should paparazzi be allowed, or should they be banned? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!



4 comments on “Think a Bit Thursday: Your Thoughts on the Paparazzi?

  1. Ugh, I can’t believe I got the name wrong, LOL. In my defense, I’ve only seen the movie one and a half times…

    I think the paparazzi have a job to do. And that’s fine. But it’s annoying and degrading when they’ll go to any means necessary to get what they want. I liken it to reporters – there are the ones that’ll stop at nothing and the ones that actually respect these people as human beings. We need journalists and we need (well maybe that’s not the right word – expect? Enjoy?) the paparazzi. They have a job to do. I just wish they weren’t so ruthless about it. Celebrities are people too.

    • Journalists, while they may seems more noble and toned down, corrupt a lot of what they write with bias. Some don’t intend to, but when writing the facts, personal feelings and opinions can creep into the article. But I agree, celebrities are just people. Paparazzi only act so ruthless, however, because it could result in a big payday.

      • That’s absolutely true. I think a lot of their behavior – and the behavior of fangrls/boys – results from the fact that people don’t judge them for it. ‘Oh, it’s just the Paparazzi. It’s what they do.’ Then they go out and buy the magazine and put money in their pockets. The same thing happens with fan behavior – it’s acceptable to obsess, stalk, and berate celebrities. ‘They signed up for it. This is what they get for being famous.’ If people just looked down on these things instead of putting celebs up on a pedestal and accepting this kind of behavior as normal, this problem wouldn’t be as prevalent.

      • It amazes me how people like belittling themselves by looking up to celebrities. Don’t people like to feel like they’re the best? Maybe it’s just my personality. I don’t idolize people and obsess over people who are higher than me in social status. I’m more of the guy who wants to BE a leader.

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