Django Unchained Movie Review

This is my review for Django Unchained. I am Ddog. The g is silent. Let’s do this.

For the record, the g is not silent. I just couldn’t help myself. Unless you’ve been living in a box living under a rock for the past month, you know that Django is about a slave who turns bounty hunter in an effort to find his wife. It involves slavery, which is a very touchy subject. Tarantino could have easily missed the target with this one. The question is, did he?

The three key points to this movie are the characters, writing, and portrayal of slavery.

Every character in this film is larger than life. Tarantino crafted these men into interesting, dynamic personalities that we haven’t seen before. There’s no simple tough guy. There’s no simple wise-guy. Every character has a depth and quirky air to them. They fit Tarantino’s universe like cheese to a royale. For this reason, you are absorbed into the world, captivated by these characters. I can’t even say who was great, because everybody shined. Just look up the cast list. That’s who was great in the film.

The writing screams Tarantino, and I loved every bit of it. The way that everybody speaks is so interesting and different that you can’t help but enjoy it. Humor is added to the story appropriately, and it is nailed every time. Tarantino didn’t add country slang to every character in an effort to make it feel like a western. He kept things within his own boundaries, and so the line delivery in this film was clear and easy to hear. Everything that happens and is said is clever, and is truly golden material.

But what everyone is wondering is if this movie is crossing the line. As slavery is a delicate subject that hasn’t been portrayed on screen for a long time, Tarantino, like usual, was taking a huge gamble. This film didn’t shy away from the atrocity that was slavery, and shows how slaves were treated without any sugarcoating. This movie doesn’t mock slavery in any way, and that was a relief. I wouldn’t want Tarantino’s career to end because of a racial outrage.

Over all, Django Unchained is a Filet. I typically hate anything that takes place in a western setting, yet this movie amazed me. It had a style that was  individual to Tarantino, and his writing didn’t fail to impress. Go see Django. That is all.




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