Search Term Sunday: Tarantino, Forever Alone, and Twinkies

Search Term Sunday has arrived. Here, I take actual search terms that people have typed in to find Gamerscene and comment on them. Let’s go.

tarantino girls feet

Ever since hearing Tarantino’s take on foot massages in Pulp Fiction, I haven’t given a single one. Not a single one.

violet parr shy around boys

This term reminds me that we need an Incredibles 2. What are they waiting for?

not all mexicans are illegal not all arab are terrorists

Right on, sir. Right on.

bp spongebob oil

You, sir, have a great sense of humor.

what should i name my zombie apocalypse team

The Twinkies. Just roll with it.

blackops 2 zombies beiber

I can find no correlation between Justin Bieber and Black Ops 2…

arab raining money

Lol bro.

samuel l jackson crazy eyes

I searched the internet to find these “crazy eyes”…here’s what I found.

happy valentines day sexy call lines for free

which game was more innovative mw3 or bo2

Black Ops 2 for sure.

call of duty perks have better songs than one direction

This made my day. Easily the best search term I’ve gotten to date. Thank you, sir, for speaking the truth. Sometimes the truth is hilarious.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more posts and more content, and leave a comment telling me your favorite search term from this post. Thanks for reading!


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