Movie Monday: Oscar Winners

The Oscars. If you were busy watching the Walking Dead last night, you likely missed it. So here are the winners from last night, as well as my thoughts! Let me know what you think about the victors!

Best Picture- Argo

I knew it. My favorite movie of 2012 was Argo. This movie had it all, and definitely deserved the award for Best Picture.

Best Actor- Daniel Day- What’s New- Lewis

Who’s surprised?

Best Actress- JenniferLawrence

I didn’t see Silver Linings Playbook, but Lawrence has talent, so this award was definitely well-deserved.

Best Supporting Actor- Christoph- Get Me the Sheriff- Waltz

I called it, and I was right. He did a great job in Django. Congratulations, sir. You did well.

Best Supporting Actress- Anne- I Shaved My Head- Hathaway

I don’t care for musicals.

Best Director- Ang Ree. I Mean Lee for Life of Pi.

I didn’t see Life of Pi, as the trailers failed to interest me. Tigers on boats don’t promise a great movie. I don’t doubt that this movie is a good one, but it didn’t grab my attention.

Best Animated Feature Film- Brave

This was the best movie of the five nominated. I’m not surprised.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)- Argo

The writing was quick, snappy, and humorous. This win makes sense.

Writing (Original Screenplay)- Django Unchained

Of course. I’m really glad that Tarantino won this award.

Original Song- Skyfall

Adele is overlooked because she isn’t thin by Hollywood standards (anorexic), and it’s a shame, because she’s very talented, and deserved this win.

These were the bigger awards that I figured many would be curious about. Thanks for reading!



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