Reservoir Dogs Movie Review

With Tarantino’s newest film being released, I decided that it would be appropriate for me to visit the film that put him on the map. Today, I’ll be reviewing Reservoir Dogs.

The three key points to this movie are the acting, the writing, and the story.

The acting in this film was great. Every member of the Dogs pulled their own weight. There was a lot of yelling from nearly everyone, and it wasn’t unbelievable at any point. They all seemed sincerely upset. I wouldn’t be surprised if nearly everyone in the film had a spike in blood pressure after filming. The delivery of Tarantino’s writing was snappy and well-done.

This leads us to talk about the writing. This movie defines his style: Spontaneous and vulgar. There are moments where characters are just talking about normal things. The beginning scene is a great example of this. The dialogue in this film isn’t boring by any means. In fact, it’s entertaining and dynamic. It doesn’t feel like any kind of dialogue that you’ve heard before. This movie does have a fair amount of bad language, but that’s just Tarantino.

The story, although not told in a very linear fashion, is easy to understand and very cohesive. It has the advantage of surprise for a majority of the film, and it keeps you guessing at every turn. The story was definitely a captivating one, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Reservoir Dogs is a bloody Filet, no ear included and no tip required. What is your favorite Tarantino movie? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

Filet Mignon: This is a movie that you would buy for Blu-Ray to keep, and you could watch it multiple times. It satisfies you to the extreme.

T-Bone: This is a movie that you would recommend your friends to see. It met your expectations, and you enjoyed it. You may even purchase it on DVD.

Porkchop: This is a movie that you will forget an hour or two out of the theater. You advise your friends not to see it, and it isn’t necessarily bad, but it just isn’t impressive. 

Hot Dog:  Has JUST enough substance to keep it from being Catfood.

Cat Food: Horrible on every level. There is no good quality to it, it is strenuous to watch, and you would like to erase it from you memory.



2 comments on “Reservoir Dogs Movie Review

    • I still need to watch Inglourious Basterds but Pulp Fiction was my first Tarantino film and it’s definitely a great one but Reservoir Dogs didn’t fail to let me down despite my high expectations. Pulp Fiction to me is a close second, even though it is so iconic. This one really hit home with me!

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