About Me Monday: My YouTube Series, Midgets React

So I made a Youtube channel a while back. It was to be used for this blog, actually. I was originally going to post updates and reviews only, which is what I did for quite a few months. But time went by and I got some ideas for videos. My more recent idea is one titled: Midgets React. Some of you may be familiar with Kids React, a popular series on YouTube headed by the Fine Bros. Midgets React is the same concept, except I feature midgets.

No, not actual midgets, MY midgets. To me, my two sisters are midgets, and so the series is called: Midgets React. In my opinion, they’re pretty well put-together videos, and the quality improves each video.

The girls enjoy it, I enjoy it, and so they are starting to come out faster and in greater quantity.

One of my favorites is: Midgets React To Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

The most recent one is: Midgets React To The Walking Dead.

There are many more to come, and 9 in total thus far. My channel is here.

Feel free to subscribe and check out my stuff! I enjoy messing around on YouTube whenever I find the time. So please let me know what you think of Midgets React, as I am seeking feedback. Thanks for reading!



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