(TABT) Colorception: We See Life Differently

What color is this?

It is red. Everyone knows that this firetruck is red. But what if my red isn’t your red? We were both taught from infancy that firetrucks are red. Roses are red. Ketchup is red. But what if your red is actually green? What if you see firetrucks and, because you have been taught that these vehicles are red, say that it is ‘red‘, but really, it’s green.

What color is the sky? Blue, of course. But what if my blue is a different color from your blue entirely? I see blue. But what is blue? Blue is the color of oceans. But what if my blue, to you, is green. What if you see oceans as my green, yet call if blue?

This is an example:

How I see ‘red’.                                                 How you may see ‘red.’


This isn’t about colorblindness. This is about color and the way that we perceive it. Think about the above statement. I see the oceans as blue, as do you, but to you, blue is pink.

Try to describe a color. You’d say that a color is bright or vibrant or dark, but beside that, you can’t really assign traits to color. You could say that it’s a cloudy white or deep purple, but that doesn’t count. Look around you. Try to describe the color of your walls. You can’t say rough, because your walls are rough, not the color of them. Colors, really, are nonexistent. Look at this house.

Does it really look like that? Of course not. Color follows the same concept. It goes through the cones and rods in our eyes and is how we see the world. We see certain colors due to how light reflects from certain objects. But is that really how the world is? We see the world as having color, due to light and how it’s processed in our brains, but does it really have color?

What if I see your ‘red’ as being orange? What if I see your ‘yellow’ as being blue? Still, we universally call yellowyellow‘. No matter what color our ‘yellows‘ symbolize to us, it’s ‘yellow‘. It’s kind of mind boggling to think about.

I don’t know if this makes sense. The purpose of this post? I have no idea. But this was on my mind and I put it down on paper. (computer) So how do we know that my red is the same as your red? What if red to you is blue to me? We wouldn’t know, because red is red and blue is blue. It’s Colorception.



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