Something I Didn’t Expect: Taken 2 Movie Review

Taken 2 was slaughtered by every critic out there. It was sub-par at best, according to everyone I had spoken to. When my dad came home with a Taken 2 disc from Redbox, I shook my head. I wasn’t looking forward to watching this movie. Don’t get me wrong, Liam Neeson is a badass. He is fantastic in each one of his films. But Taken 2, in my brain, was red-flagged. Still, I ended up watching the movie anyway. I was, to my surprise…well…surprised.

Taken 2 Movie Poster

This movie’s premise isn’t very complicated. In fact, its quite absurd. The men who Neeson killed in the first movie have family who wants to get revenge. Isn’t that a great idea? Go after the guy who killed all of your family? These guys obviously completed all four years of high school. Clearly. The crew of geniuses are led by The Most Interesting Man of the World.

No, it’s not actually him, but it could be his brother. His mortal brother.

The plot is ridiculous, and nearly every scene in this film contains questionable logic and unrealism to the point of laughability. But you know what? Neeson is likable in his role as a father. You have a relatable and likable protagonist. That’s always a plus. This movie is so unrealistic and so dumb that it’s smart. It TRIES to be smart, and if you are able to let go of your grasp of reality and not care of accuracy of facts or logic, you will be entertained by Taken 2. (ahem throwing grenades on roofs.)

I laughed throughout the film, but it intrigued me. There were a couple points where the camerawork during fight scenes was poor. I might as well have been watching a blank screen with fight sounds. Still, the key fights were watchable.

So overall, this movie wasn’t very great in any department. Still, it was entertaining. Pure entertainment is all Taken 2 is. So if you want to kill some time with a mindless action movie, check out Taken 2, as this fatty Porkchop is a guilty pleasure. A FATTY Porkchop, mind you.



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