Olympus Has Fallen: Movie Review

Where’s Dennis Rodman when you need him? Oh, right, he’s selling meatballs for Donald Trump.

If you didn’t get that joke, you need to watch more Celebrity Apprentice. And more news.

Gerard Butler and Two-Face star in Olympus Has Fallen. The North Koreans have taken over the White House, and the President has been taken hostage. The three key points to this movie are the visuals, the characters, and the humor.

Because this movie doesn’t have Avatar-level visuals, people are fussing about it. They expect Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart to look like this.

The CGI is perfectly okay, and it doesn’t distract from the film. Besides, when you walk into a movie about the White House being overtaken, do you expect it to be 100% realistic?

This movie succeeded in doing something that is very difficult: Making politicians likable. Let’s face it. Nobody likes politicians anymore. Despite that fact, I really enjoyed the President and his staff. This could, in part, be due to the fact that politics was exempt from the film. We don’t even get an idea of the President’s political party. I didn’t feel inclined to despise the President, because he’s portrayed as a family man and a cool guy. He is, after all, very protective.

It didn’t pay off, unfortunately.

That was cold. Let’s move on.

Gerard Butler was an ass-kicking, likable guy. That’s what’s so great about these characters. They are all relatable, cool protagonists. And the kid doesn’t get on your nerves! Some movies tend to choose irritating kids. *cough* 2012 *cough*

What makes the good-guys seem even more good are the big bad Koreans. The North Koreans in this movie are ridiculously menacing. The head of the group, Diamond Face from Die Another Day, is especially evil.

One must wonder why he didn’t see a doctor about that.

So this movie has a lot going for it. It has likable protagonists, unlikable antagonists, and decent visuals. But with so much action, was there any humor to the film?

Thankfully, yes. Gerard Butler is a funny guy in this film, cracking jokes and lightening the depressing scene often. I enjoyed the historical references mixed in with the dialogue, humor, and action.

Because of these reasons, Olympus Has Fallen is a T-Bone. If you’re interested in this film, check it out. You’ll have a bloody good time. Wait…did I just say bloody? This is a ‘merican movie. Let me clarify. I meant bloody as in a bloody steak. Have a nice day.



5 comments on “Olympus Has Fallen: Movie Review

  1. Was it an Expendables style action film (basically just explosions and no plot), or was it a smart movie with a solid plot? I do like Gerard Butler, and this is one of the movies I’ve been wanting to see. I was pretty surprised when I saw you gave it a good review, as I’ve seen a lot of not-so-great things about this and White House Down (despite the fact that WHD hasn’t come out yet – but I suspect a lot of people just don’t want to like it).

    • See, the Expendables could AFFORD to be just explosions. Essentially all the stars were playing themselves. This movie, although it does have an opening act of blowing things up, has a well-flowing story that is easy to follow and not just mindless action. There are actual things to accomplish. Not an extremely smart film but something that you need in your movie diet once in a while

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