Search Term Sunday: British Slang, Cougars, and Fast Food

Search Term Sunday is BACK. Here are some real search terms that people have typed into Google to find Gamerscene. Be sure to tell me YOUR favorite Search Term of the week in the comments below.

skyfall rubbish review

I love British slang. Unfortunately, when I use it, I sound like a Muppet. See?

why is my expendables 2 have the avengers audio

Because you are pirating DVD’s. Get a job and buy legal products. Have a nice day.

downloaded the juggernaut pack and a mission pack, installed fine, but played through the game and all i have are two blank spots in my superhero roster that say “locked.”

You will never, EVER find the solution to your problem with a search-term that long.

bald teens

…need to stop stressing out over relationships and school.

wordpress movie database

Also known as Subscribe, like, and comment. 🙂

whose fault is the people or the food franchise

Hmm, how about you check out my post here to find out my take on the issue.

olympus has fallen scope reticles

I think you got Call of Duty mixed into your search term.

giggly girl likes you


good and bad things about inception

There are no bad things. That was a typo, and I understand. If this so happened to NOT be a typo, then this will be your future.

hot old men


reservoir dogs is a bad movie

You left out ‘not’ between the ‘is’ and ‘a’. It’s alright, I forgive you! If it WASN’T a mistake, then this will be you.

Thanks for reading!



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