Think a Bit Thursday: Call of Duty Camo Ideas

Treyarch released some new camos recently. I thought that it would be fun to pitch some ideas of my own. Be sure to contribute your own ideas in the comments below!

Swiss– They made a bacon camo. Why not make one that features cheese?

Love– The girls of the COD community would like this one.

Type O– A bloody good camo to put those Bloodthirsties where your mouth it.

Flatline– This camo will show the future of your enemies. A grid background with a line design would work nicely.

Shocking– Lightning is badass. Period.

Flood– This would be an Asian-styled camo, much like Cherry Blossom.

Stalker– This camo would come with another red-dot sight, just to troll players.

Hypnotize– It’s not really moving. Or is it?

Glass– This camo would reflect stuff. Hence the name ‘Glass.’

Invisible– Your hands conform as if they’re holding a gun, but no gun is there! Genius! People would love to pay 2 bucks for that!

Rope– You’ll have luck in your hands. Literally.

Those were just a handful of ideas. Now it’s YOUR turn. Which did you like the most from up here and what would you like to see put into the game? Let me know in the comments below!



2 comments on “Think a Bit Thursday: Call of Duty Camo Ideas

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  2. i don’t even play GOD.. just landed here searching for a cheese texture, it’s google’s fault! XD
    but, since i’m here, i definitely vote for cheese camo! nobody sees you. but strangely, there is a file of mice following.. ?? 😉

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