NEW Call of Duty DLC: Uprising Trailer

The trailer for the second Black Ops 2 DLC pack has arrived.

Encore seems to be a very open, small map. Vertigo looks like it’s a very polished, bright map. Magma seems hectic, but I hope that it isn’t symmetrical. Symmetrical maps don’t work in Call of Duty. Studio, however, is what really intrigues me. It will play exactly as Firing Range, but the new skin applied to the map makes it much more interesting than a run-down shooting range.

Mob of the Dead seems to be surprising many people. Where’s Al Capone? I’m sure that he’ll be in the map somewhere. Because he’s Al Capone. Still, you can’t complain, because Michael Madsen is a playable character. You can play as a Reservoir Dog. That’s all I need to be satisfied.

Note that no DLC gun is being offered this time around. Oh well. Complaining won’t bring a gun to the pack.

What do you think about the Uprising DLC pack? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe, as I’ll be reviewing the pack when it’s released!



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