K-PAX Movie Review

Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, and Dave Matthews are lost brothers. Nobody can tell me otherwise.

Now that I got that out of my system, onto K-PAX.

This movie is about Prot, a character who claims to come from K-PAX. He is brought to a mental facility where those who treat him begin to doubt their opinions. The ultimate question is: Is Prot REALLY an alien?

The two key points to this film are the characters and the concept. The characters are interesting and fantastic. Prot goes from being funny to being understandable to being relatable to being menacing between scenes. You never get a grasp on his character. Much like robot man from Prometheus, he keeps you guessing.

As distinguishable as Kevin Spacey is, you forget who’s behind Prot’s glasses twenty minutes into the film. That shows how well Spacey embodied this character.

Jeff Bridges does a great job in his role as well, playing a doctor who is very interested in Prot. This guy got old, however, and now looks like Donald Sutherland.

The concept of the film is mystery, and you never know what exactly is going on. That sounds like a very bad thing, but in reality, it allows you to invest yourself into the characters and story. You truly want to know what the deal with Prot is, but an internal battle is taking place within you, clashing to figure out the mystery.

Over all, K-PAX is a T-Bone. It is intriguing, to say the least. With emotional weight and humor, this is a great film that is very unique. It’s worth your time.



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