The Sixth Sense Movie Review

M. Night Shamalamalan’s career went downhill after this film. Literally every movie of his after this one got lower and lower scores on IMDB. Most recently he’s made The Last Airbender, which is sitting comfortably at a 4.5 rating. Way to kill the later portion of my childhood.


Way to go from an 8.2 to a whopping 4.5. Your career gets better with every film, clearly.

But I’m not here to display Shamalamalan’s success. I’m here to review the 6th Sense. This movie is about a boy who sees dead people. A child psychologist is determined to help him. The three key points to this film are characters, story, and camera work.

The characters of this film are played very well. I have no complaints in regards to the characters or the acting. The kid in this film is creepy as hell. He does a great job in remaining mysterious. You feel for the kid as the movie goes on, but you never know if he’ll snap. He looks the same now as he did in 1999.

Haley Joel Osment Picture

Bruce Willis is also very likable, as he is in nearly everything he does. It was refreshing for me to see him NOT playing an indestructible tank, as his career now is based upon him being an old man who can kick ass. There’s a time and place for that, however (*cough* Expendables *cough*)

As I never give spoilers, I will talk about the plot cautiously. At first, it felt very disjointed and incomplete, but by the end of the film, everything made sense. This movie was crafted delicately and the story was told carefully. The care paid off. Hats off to Shyamalan.

The downside to this film, to me, was the camerawork. The shots used were clearly very calculated, and I respect Shamalamalan’s ingenuity and determination to keep everything from being still shots, but they were done in an awkward and amateur-looking manner.

Over all, the Sixth Sense is a T-Bone, and it intrigued me. This movie isn’t too heavy in terms of horror, so for all of you people who avoid horror (like myself), check this film out. You don’t want to miss this.



2 comments on “The Sixth Sense Movie Review

    • Shocking, as you might imagine. I was told to watch it because of a ridiculous twist. So throughout the film I tried to call it, but I was COMPLETELY wrong. Great movie. 😀

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