Think a Bit Thursday: Boston Marathon: When Tragedy Strikes, So Do Conspiracy Theories

I’m not attempting to rack up views with this post. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did, because everyone in the nation is blazing the Internet for information. Still, I cannot refrain from sharing my opinion on this event, as there’s something very important to be said.

I have noticed a trend as of late. Whenever something tragic happens in which a person takes other peoples’ lives in a dramatic fashion, many are quick to call BS. Many opt to take the conspiracy theory route. 9/11, Aurora, Newtown, and now this. Have you ever stopped and thought about WHY people choose to believe conspiracy theories?

The answer is simple. ‘Planes being flown into buildings is like something out of a movie. It’s surreal. It’s surreal that a real person would do such a thing. It is surreal that somebody would kill elementary school kids. It is surreal that somebody would plant bombs at this marathon. People wouldn’t do this, but the government would.’ That is the mentality of conspiracy nuts. ‘The government always has a political agenda and they carry it out through mass killings and tragedies.’

I’m not one to take everything that comes out of the media and government as the truth, but to go as far as to blame the government for these things is ridiculous. Conspiracy theories are our way to cope with these tragedies. It puts the government in the shoes of the killer, and everything is how we expect. The big bad government did this, a faceless body, not a deranged kid who took his mothers guns or religious zealots who hijacked planes. It’s easier to dehumanize these killers rather than to face the fact that people in this world are sometimes driven to do bad things.

I don’t need to say how bad this event was. I don’t need to say how evil people are. You guys get it. I simply wanted to weigh in on conspiracy theories in general, and perhaps try to work out why they are generated. How do you feel about this event? Let me know in the comments below. Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong and the government did all of this stuff. Maybe this is all a dream. *Cue Inception horn*



2 comments on “Think a Bit Thursday: Boston Marathon: When Tragedy Strikes, So Do Conspiracy Theories

  1. I think you definitely have a point in saying that some people choose to believe the government is behind certain tragedies simply because it’s easier to handle than accepting a 20 year old kid planted a bomb in a garbage can, aiming to kill as many people as possible. Interesting post. I’d like to see some more about conspiracy theories. They always interest me.

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