Search Term Sunday: Arrogance, Thieves and The Way of Women

Search Term Sunday is here. These are real search terms that people have Googled to get to Gamerscene. These are my comments on them.

tarantino twinkies

Tarantino is in no way related to Twinkies. He is, however, related to Quarter Pounders with Cheese.

if being sexy was a crime, i’d be guilty as charged

You arrogant piece of filth. That made my day.

how to share black ops 2 dlc with other people on samexboxhow to share black ops 2 dlc with other people on the same xbox

How about you get your cheap rear off of your couch and buy another DLC pack. Stop looking for ways to steal from companies. Just because they’re not your next door neighbor doesn’t mean you can steal from them.

fastens creed 3 the movie

How difficult to spell ‘Assassin’s?’ It’s ‘ass’ twice and then ‘in.” Get it right.

watermelon filled with fried chicken

Yeah, let’s take a fruit that’s beneficial to your health and stuff it with fried food. Genius.

star wars episode vii canceled april 2013

You were LOOKING to be trolled by my April Fool’s post.

call of duty black ops 2 vehicule

You aren’t old enough to play this game if you cannot properly spell vehicle.

bought new camos black ops 2 where are they

😥 This made me sad. You sound like a lost little bear searching for his home. The way you structured that sentence makes me feel obligated to help you. It’s too late, however. It’s too late.

muppets nagging men


zombie apocalypse survival team birthday

You cannot plan a birthday party in a zombie apocalypse. Every day’s a struggle.

So there we have it. Thanks for reading! Let me know which term was your favorite of the week.




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