Thor: The Dark World Trailer

The trailer for Thor: The Dark World has arrived. Check it out!

It looks awesome. I wasn’t expecting Loki, however. I was mentally done with the guy after the Avengers. As long as it is explained why Jane is off of Earth, this could be a bit hit. I loved the first Thor, so I’m excited for the second installment! What did you think of the trailer? Let me know in the comments below.




5 comments on “Thor: The Dark World Trailer

  1. I think this looks great! Darker and more action packed than the first one. I love the more serious side to Thor, as compared to the high and mighty prince we saw at the beginning of the first movie. That guy was annoying.

    Also, I will never be done with Loki. Never. He needs to be redeemed!

    • I don’t dislike Loki by any means. He was and is a great villain. I just hope he isn’t back in Avengers 2 with a major role. How long can we hold onto one bad guy?

      • That’s completely true. I definitely think he’s not going to have as big of a role or he’s going to be a good guy. Because by now, he just can’t be the bad guy AGAIN.

      • It is clear that Loki will be let loose to help Thor out. Knowing him, he’ll try to escape. Either he can be released into the world (unlikely) or he can be controlled and contained. We’ll have to wait and see.

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