Think a Bit Thursday: Scorching Hot or Freezing Cold?

I’ve been at a loss for ideas recently, and so I had to do SOMETHING to break this writer’s block. I went to Google and found a random noun generator. The 10 nouns it generated for me were:

  1. Bulldozer
  2. Croissant
  3. Dirt
  4. Eye
  5. Freckle
  6. Gladiolus
  7. Invoice
  8. Slip
  9. Teeth
  10. Temperature

I decided to roll with ‘temperature’. My question for you this week follows the following scenario. After I explain the post topic, I’ll give you my thoughts.

So there are two options: A reality in which it is hot all the time, and a reality in which it is cold all the time. I don’t simply mean hot or cold. By hot, I mean scorching hot. 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day. No. 110 degrees Fahrenheit every day. It’s always sunny, always hot. Not a humid kind of heat, but a dry heat kind of heat. For my Californians, imagine Palm Springs without the old men, 24/7.

The other option is a reality in which it is cold every day. Freezing cold. 32 degrees Fahrenheit would be the highest it would ever get. Well below the freezing point, snow would be a day-to-day thing, and bitter cold winds would be common. For my New Jersians and New Yorkers, it’d always be one of those cold winter days where it’s unbearably cold and your face is numb.

My question to is this: Which lifetime circumstance would you prefer? Keep in mind that modern technology is available. Which extreme do you choose? Extreme heat or extreme cold.

My answer is simple. Bring on the cold. The problem with heat is this: When it’s brutally hot outside, I become lethargic. I just want to lie down, pour water on my face, and take clothes off. If it’s 100 degrees outside, I cannot leave my house without feeling like I need to be in a body of water. To feel that way every day would be unbearable. Summer forever? I’ll pass.

Sure, air conditioning is a savior from heat, but it never completely eliminates the warm air. All you can do when it’s hot outside is take your clothes off. Once you do that, then what? In the end, you’re naked and sweaty. The weather wins. Look at this picture. Doesn’t it look terrible? This is what you’ll be looking at every day of your life.

Wait, that’s not so bad at all. But we likely don’t know anyone with that good of a body. Let’s be realistic. THIS is what we’ll be looking at every day if we choose the heat route.

Yep, our elderly relatives will come to our house and complain every two seconds. As if their health issues aren’t difficult enough for them to deal with, add heat and the elderly will disappear. It’s a sad fact, but likely to happen.

If it’s extremely cold, however, you can deal with it. If you were to go outside in the cold, you could put layers upon layers on your body until you’re covered and protected. Sure, you’ll have limited mobility and appear to be a walking marshmallow. You’ll still be able to go outside, however, whereas in the heat, you couldn’t step into a car without it making you want to fall down and do nothing.

In the heat, I wouldn’t want to be near anyone. I wouldn’t want any physical contact to be made between me and anyone else, because I am already too hot. When it’s cold, however, people would have to huddle together and do things with each other. Drinking hot chocolate while watching movies, blankets and all, doesn’t sound so bad.

Plus, extreme cold would negate the need for a refrigerator. You could store all of your meat in your backyard.

Heat makes food spoil quickly, and amplifies foul odors. Rotting food and mold would be very common. The cold preserves things, however.

Over all, I feel like having extreme cold would offer some bonding time, a calm atmosphere, and a slow lifestyle. Extreme heat would be like living in hell, to be blunt. I would be irritated and unable to step outside my house. How do you feel about my decision? What’s your choice? Thanks for reading!



6 comments on “Think a Bit Thursday: Scorching Hot or Freezing Cold?

  1. This is actually a really hard choice, and my first instinct was to choose the cold for exactly the reasons you stated. HOWEVER, since I prefer heat to the cold in general, I think I’d go with the heat. I’d just keep my house really cold, and then when I go outside it wouldn’t feel too bad. Plus, I love to swim, so I would totally get a pool. 🙂

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